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What Is a She-Shed? [with Examples and Ideas]

A she-shed is a “man cave” for women, a private space for relaxation and hobbies. Here are examples and ideas to inspire your creative side.

You probably know what a “man cave” is, but have you ever heard of a “she-shed”? Recently, she-sheds have begun popping up on Pinterest.

A she-shed is a place where a woman can go when she needs a break from a noisy household. I looked into this growing trend and found a lot of cozy and luxurious she-sheds that I wouldn’t mind relaxing in myself. Like with a man cave, a woman can decorate her she-shed in any way that suits her fancy. Here’s a closer look at she-sheds.

shed sheds

How to Create an Idyllic She-Shed for Your Backyard Retreat

Do you have master plans for taking over your backyard? This guide to creating a she-shed will help you design your very own feminine backyard retreat. She-sheds are in vogue at the moment, with so many cute and gorgeous options to make your outdoor spot a bit more tranquil. Shove aside the power tools and bring in the hammocks! Make over a normal shed and build your own DIY she-shed with these tips. These are some of the current she-shed styles out there, so go with the fashion or create something just for you!

She-Shed Designs of All Kinds

A she-shed made of glass windows would be the perfect retreat for a woman who wants to lay on a comfortable daybed and gaze out at the trees, birds, and flowers all around her. The most popular she-sheds have plenty of windows, creating an airy atmosphere inside the structure. I noticed that lots of she sheds have a front porch with a railing. I think a front porch makes the structure look more like a miniature house than a shed. Sheds that look like small cottages complete with a gable roof design are also popular. Regardless of its design, I suggest creating a path of natural stone or gravel that leads up to your shed. A path makes a she-shed seem all the more like the ultimate retreat from the world.

Should I Buy a Shed or Build One?

If you decide you want a she-shed, you can either buy one or build one. Of course, building a shed would require an investment of both your money and time. You’d need a collection of tools for the job as well as the necessary pieces of lumber. This is a great option if you’re an enthusiastic do-it-yourselfer. But buying a shed is easier, and there are many designs to choose from. I have plenty of appealing options for she sheds available in my inventory. From quaint metal sheds to large storage sheds, our selection of various sheds has something for everyone. You would have the peace of mind of knowing that your well-built shed is made of quality materials.

Décor Ideas for a She-Shed

If you’re wondering how to turn a metal shed into a she-shed, there are a lot of options to choose from. Some she sheds look like elegantly decorated rooms, while others have a simple décor with lots of colorful throw pillows and beanbag chairs. Some women like to create décor based on a color. I saw one shed with a blue theme. It had a comforter in midnight blue on the daybed, baby blue curtains hanging in the windows, and a comfortable chair covered in navy blue fabric. The owner even had a window box filled with blue petunias. I also found a shed with a cat theme. There was a poster of a cat on the wall, curtains decorated with playful kittens, and a throw blanket with a cat design on it. Just like in a man cave, women like to include favorite items in their she-sheds. But don’t forget to consider the outside when deciding how to turn a metal shed into a she-shed. Painting your shed is an idea for a woman who wants to improve the look of the outside of her shed. It’s easy to do, and there are plenty of weather-resistant paints available.

Other fun items for a she-shed might include:

  • A mini-refrigerator for drinks and snacks
  • Prints, photos, and other artwork for the walls
  • A cold water dispenser
  • A large potted plant
  • Goldfish in a small tank

Have a good time decorating a she-shed that will surely become your go-to place for relaxation.

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By Alan Bernau Jr

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