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Horse Run-In Sheds for Sale

Save thousands of dollars on a run-in shed for your horses. We sell affordable prefab metal run-in sheds for horses and cattle. Each run-in shed can be customized to meet your exact needs. Design your own run-in shed plans with one or more stalls, a tack room, and more. Get free delivery and installation on all orders.

12×20 Horse Run-In Shed

Competitor’s Price: $6,970

Alan’s Price: $4,400 ($2,570 less)

12×40 Horse Run-In Shed

Competitor’s Price: $12,850

Alan’s Price: $7,215 ($5,635 less)

We Have Horse Run-In Sheds for Sale in These Locations

We deliver horse run-in sheds to Alabama, Arkansas, most of Florida, Georgia, southern Illinois, Indiana, eastern Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, and West Virginia.

Horse Run-In Shed Plans

Don’t Design a Box Kite!

A traditional run-in shed has three sides closed, and one side open. With this design, a strong gust of wind on the open side will create a lot of air pressure inside the structure. A strong enough gust could blow the structure away, like a huge kite.

Our run-in sheds are certified for strong winds and anchored to the ground with strong, mobile-home anchors. But even so, it is best to design a shelter that doesn’t test your luck. 

How? Try to make approximately the same size of openings on opposite sides of the run-in shed. This way any wind that hits one side of the building can flow through the building. You can do this by only closing two sides, or by adding garage-sized frame-outs on opposite sides of the building.

Run-in shed with balanced openings
Run-in shed with balanced openings
Run-in shed open on two sides
Run-in shed open on two sides

If you prefer a 3-sided structure, consider adding window-sized frame-outs on the back side to help relieve some of the pressure created by a strong wind.

Simple Run-in Shed for Horses

One-sided horse run-in shed
One-sided horse run-in shed

The simplest and cheapest run-in shed for horses is just a carport with one side closed to provide your horses some protection from the wind and rain.

You can design and price this type of horse shelter with our 3D carport design tool.

Plans for Horse Run-In Shed with Two Stalls

12x20 horse run in shed
12×20 horse run-in shed

A simple 2-stall run-in shed has two openings on the side, and window-sized frame-outs to help relieve some of the air pressure created by wind blowing on the open side. 

20x20 horse run-In shed
20×20 horse run-In shed

Another option for a 2-stall run-in floor plan is to start with a 20×20 or 20×25 building and add two garage-door-sized frame-outs. This creates a large covered area and gives your horses more protection from the weather. You also have more room to store hay in the extra covered area of this design.

Horse Run-in Shed with Tack Room

Horse run-in shed with tack room

If you need a tack room, just add a fully-enclosed area on one side of your run-in shed, with a door for easy access.

Make Your Own Horse Run-In Shed Plans

Don’t see any horse run-in shed plans that fit your needs? Design your own custom run-in shed for your horses with our 3D design tool.

We also sell horse barns if you need a more complete shelter for your horses.

Kickboards, Stalls, and Gates

After your horse run-in shed is erected, you can add interior walls to create separate stalls.

Wood kickboards should also be installed on the interior sides of the building to protect the walls from kicks and your horses from injury. Most horse owners agree that kickboards should be at least four feet high. You may want to make the kickboards up to seven or eight feet tall to prevent any possibility of a naughty horse climbing on them or chewing on the edges.

Adding a gate to your run-in shed can transform it into a simple stable for not much additional cost.

Horse Run-In Shed Dimensions

The standard size for a stable is 10×10 for ponies and 12×12 for horses. Since your horses can go in and out of the run-in shed on their own, the dimensions can be a little smaller than a standard stable. But if you plan to add a gate and use your run-in shed as a stable, it is wise to provide plenty of space for your horses.

Two-Horse Run-In Shed

A two-horse run-in shed should be at least 12×20, which provides approximately 240 square feet of space for loafing.

Three-Horse Run-In Shed

A 12×25 run-in shed is large enough for three horses that get along with each other. If some of your horses are territorial, you may want to get two smaller run-in sheds rather than one big one.

Ideal Run-In Shed Height

Side walls for a horse run-in shed should be at least eight feet tall, and openings should be at least seven feet tall.

Get a Prefab Metal Run-In Shed

Here is how to get your horse run-in shed from Alan’s, and save thousands of dollars:

  1. Design your run-in shed online
  2. Order online with a small deposit
  3. Check if a building permit is required
  4. Prepare a level installation site
  5. Get free delivery and installation
  6. Add kickboards and other personal touches

Selecting and Preparing a Site

When you select the site for your horse run-in shed, find a level place that is away from any low spot where water pools. You will want to keep the base rail out of standing water to prevent rust. You may want to lay down a few inches of compacted gravel around the perimeter for the base rail to sit on so that it will always stay dry. The run-in shed will be anchored to the ground with strong mobile-home anchors.

If you have a run-in shed with one open side, be sure that side does not face prevailing winds. Many horse owners have the open side of their run-in sheds face south, so their horses can benefit from the warmth of the sun during cold weather.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us for help!

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