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19 Tips for Organizing and Maintaining a Food Storage Shed

Get your food storage shed sorted with our top tips. Discover storage tricks for your perishables and clever ways to use every inch of space.

Alans Factory Outlet Food Storage Shed

Having a food storage shed provides many benefits. Maybe you’re using the building to decrease your family’s weekly grocery bill. Or perhaps you’re teaching your kids the importance of getting the most out of the food you buy. Whatever your reason, maintaining a well-organized food storage building can significantly reduce food waste and shopping inconvenience.

Consider these tips on the types of foods to store, how to organize them, and how to maintain your food shed: 

1. Organize Cans by Type For Easy Access

A collection of canned goods is a familiar sight in most food storage sheds. We suggest that you store one type of canned goods on each shelf. Labeling each shelf clearly with the type of canned goods can save you time when you restock or do inventory. 

For example, you shouldn’t have to dig through dozens of cans of beans or tuna to get a can of peas. 

Also, be sure to put the cans that expire as soon as possible near the front of the shelf so you will use them first.

2. Keep Onions Fresh Longer with a Hanging Basket

onions in metal hanging basket for food storage

You can store whole onions for a reasonably long period of time in a food storage shed. Consider hanging up a wire mesh basket in a dark corner of your building. This basket will keep the onions dry and allow air to circulate around them. 

When you put onions inside a closed container, the lack of air circulation contributes to moisture issues. A moist environment causes onions to go bad.

Additionally, ensure not to store onions near potatoes, as gases from potatoes can cause onions to spoil faster.

3. Store Potatoes Safely in Sacks on a Pallet

You can store potatoes in a shed by putting them in a potato sack. Keep these vegetables in a dark, cool environment. Place the potato bags onto a pallet to avoid moisture if the floor is damp.

Ensure there is good air circulation around the sacks to prevent any buildup of condensation, which can cause the potatoes to rot. 

4. Use Pest Control

There are two ways to keep the pests from getting into your outdoor food storage shed. One is to use natural deterrents, such as cedar blocks or peppermint oil. Add these deterrents to potential entry points of the building. 

A second pest control is to seal all entry points in your shed with wool or caulking. Even a small gap could be an entry point, so seal everything!

5. Store Sugar and Flour in Airtight Containers

beans and pasta in plastic containers for food storage

Take granulated sugar out of its bag and poured into an airtight, plastic or glass container. Sugar can last indefinitely in this type of container. You can use this same storage method with flour. Be sure to label each container.

6. Keep Unopened Instant Coffee Fresh for Two Years

Cans of instant coffee can be stored on your rack for two years as long as they remain unopened. So don’t open them!

7. Install a Thermometer

Maintaining a stable temperature is crucial for long-term food storage. Your shed should stay between 50 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Here are a few temperature recommendations to keep your food for as long as possible:

  • Caned goods should be between 50 and 70 degrees
  • Dry goods (sugar, flour, and pasta) should ideally not exceed 70 degrees
  • Root veggies (potatoes and onions) should be more cool, around 45 to 55 degrees  

8. Add Shed Insulation

Example of woven 17 insulation in a larger shed
Example of Woven 17 insulation in a larger shed from Alan’s Factory Outlet.

Consider insulating your shed to help keep the temperature stable. There are several different types of insulation. An affordable option is fiberglass batts. However, it won’t be as effective as higher quality insulation such as Woven 17.

9. Protect Cereal and Pasta in Sealed Plastic Bins

Place boxes of breakfast cereal in plastic bins with lids. This prevents rodents or insects from chewing through the cardboard and ruining your supply. You should also store boxes of dry pasta and noodles in a plastic bin with a lid. Writing the expiration date on the boxes with a black marker is a good idea.

10. Optimize Beverage Storage with a Tiered Soda Rack

Get a small metal soda rack with three tiers for your canned beverages. This rack is small enough to be put on a single wooden shelf in your storage shed. When you remove one can from this rack, another one rolls right into its place!

11. Store Nuts in Airtight Containers in a Cool, Dry Area

Cashews and almonds in plastic containers for food storage

Store peanuts in the shell, almonds, and pistachios in airtight containers in your food storage shed. Be sure to put these items in the shed’s dry, cool area.

12. Ensure Proper Ventilation

Proper airflow and humidity control will help keep your food fresh longer. Consider installing passive vents in your food storage shed. These vents encourage cross ventilation, allowing fresh air to enter one side and stale air to exit the other.

13. Use a Wheeled Bottle Rack for Easy Access to Drinks

A plastic 2-liter bottle rack is perfect for storing bottled water and soda. It can be rolled into one corner of your storage shed if it has wheels.

14. Store Honey in a Dark Area to Preserve Flavor

To preserve honey’s flavor, keep it in a dark area of your shed. Sunlight can affect its taste. You may want to place the jar into a cardboard box with a lid to ensure no sunlight gets to it.

15. Organize Kool-Aid Packets in a Recipe Box by Flavor

If you or your family members are partial to Kool-Aid, try putting the little packets into a recipe box so you can put each flavor in its own section.

16. Keep White Rice Fresh in Sealed Containers

You can store a supply of white rice in your cool, dry food shed. Pour the dry rice into a large jar or a gallon plastic container and make sure the lid is on tight.

17. Store Unopened Pickle Jars on the Floor for Safety

You can store unopened jars of pickles in your shed for approximately two years. Be sure to place these glass jars on the shed floor so there is less chance that one will break.

18. Extend Granola Bars’ Shelf Life with Airtight Storage

Granola bars can be stored for many months when they are put into an airtight container. Of course, they will last even longer if they are in a vacuum-packed container.

19. Organize Peanut Butter By Variety

Store plastic peanut butter containers on a high shelf of a metal rack. Be sure to separate the different varieties, including creamy, crunchy, and gluten-free.

Purchase a Metal Shed for Your Food Storage

Ready to upgrade your food storage? At Alan’s Factory Outlet, we specialize in metal sheds that are perfect for keeping your groceries fresh for a long time. Use our 3D Builder to customize your shed with insulation to maintain a consistent temperature all year round, ensuring your food stays fresh longer. 

Profile picture of Alan Bernau Jr

Alan Bernau Jr

Alan Bernau Jr. is the founder and owner of Alan’s Factory Outlet. He has helped more than 75,000 homeowners design and install custom carports and garages over the last 20 years.

Alan Bernau Jr. is the founder and owner of Alan’s Factory Outlet. He has helped more than 75,000 homeowners design and install custom carports and garages over the last 20 years.

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