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A Homeowner’s Guide to Backyard Pests

Household pests are more than a nuisance: They can also pose a threat. Pests spread disease, carry viruses and bacteria, and can bite homeowners, pets, and children. Not only do pests threaten human health and welfare, but they can damage important structures in the home and yard. Backyard pests can destroy lawns, gardens, and landscaping. They may enter the home and wreak havoc and destruction. Deal with backyard pests immediately to protect the health and well-being of people, pets, and your property.

Mice, Chipmunks, and Rats


  • Preventing Ticks in the Yard: Learn how to prevent, control, and eliminate ticks. Ticks cause illness and are dangerous to human and pet health. Discover how to remove ticks correctly and identify symptoms of tick-borne illness.
  • Control Household Insect Pests: Use this guide to learn about different insects such as silverfish, ants, flies, cockroaches, and more.
  • Boxelder Bugs: Learn about boxelder bugs and how to identify and control them.
  • Spider Mites: Learn about spider mites and find ways to prevent, control, and treat a backyard infestation.



  • Squirrels: How to Keep Them Out of Bird Feeders: Use these tips to help limit squirrels in your backyard.
  • Managing Wyoming Ground Squirrels: These squirrel tips can be used by people nationwide when dealing with problematic squirrels.
  • Managing Pests Around the Home: These tips are good for dealing with pests, including squirrels.
  • Tree Squirrels: Learn about various tree squirrels and find ways to keep them out of your yard.



  • Backyard Bird Problems: Learn about various nuisance birds and find ways to deter them from coming onto your property.
  • Keep Me Wild: Turkeys: Discover how feeding wild turkeys can bring future problems and how to deal with wild turkeys and deter them from your backyard.
  • Controlling Nuisance Birds in New Mexico: These tips and methods are suitable for anyone dealing with unwanted birds.
  • Trapping Birds: Use these methods to trap birds that are causing problems.

By Alan Bernau Jr

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