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Weddings in Unique Buildings

So you’ve found the one – your soul mate, and you want to get married. You’ve gotten the hard part out of the way, or so you thought. Planning a wedding takes a lot of work. Sometimes it can take years to prepare the actual event, and a lot of this is related to the venue. Popular wedding venues are often booked years in advance, so as soon as the engagement ring is slipped on the finger, the first order of business should be finding the location of the ceremony.

The wedding ceremony and reception should be an expression of the couple’s personality and taste. It should also fit in with their lifestyle. A wedding unites not only two people, but two families so while the event should be unique to the couple, the guests should also be considered when planning this most joyous occasion.

Traditionally many couples chose to get married in a religious setting, according to their faith. More recently, couples are becoming more creative with the venue where they choose to get married as well as to have the reception. Some places that are growing in popularity for venues are barns or farms, boats and yachts, historic locations such as museums and libraries, art galleries, and even beaches. If you are planning a wedding in a non-traditional location, be prepared for the little details that will pop up for each respective venue.

Weddings that take place on uneven ground, such as barn weddings and beaches should have seating and walkways well marked and even groomed. As weddings involve family members from multiple generations, the elderly and youthful members of the family need to be considered and walking to the spot that the ceremony will take place should be safe. Barn weddings can be very romantic, and flowers, animals and feasts are easy additions to weddings on a farm. These ceremonies tend to have a rustic feel and may be long lasting so that the beauty of the stars can add to the richness of the décor.

Nautical weddings are really romantic, but the rocking of the boat or yacht can be unsettling to guests that may not be used to rhythmic waves. Sea sickness might occur, so the couple may choose to provide patches with medication so that their guests can focus on the bride and groom and not the tossing and turning of their stomachs. If the ceremony will take place out at sea, the departure time must be explicitly stated on the invitation so that all the guests are aware, and so nobody misses the boat.

Having a wedding at a museum or library is a great option for history buffs, bibliophiles, or just about any classy couple. The rich history that surrounds the ceremony will enhance the occasion and minimize the amount of decorations that will be needed. Visual stimulation will surround and photographs may be hard to capture based on the limited lighting, but if you have a good photographer then the images will be striking. If you are hosting your special day at a library or museum you may want to place an age requirement on attendance. Unfortunately children may cause damage to sensitive artifacts, consequently libraries and museums tend to be for weddings that are black tie events.

Wherever you host your event, be considerate of the guests. Also be aware of your budget and what it will take for caterers, entertainment, decorators and any additional support to access the location. Check with your officiate to see if they have any special requirements for performing the ceremony at the location. The location will also determine the time of year the wedding will happen. Planning a barn wedding in winter might be uncomfortable, and a nautical wedding should be avoided during hurricane season. Accommodations for guests needs to be addressed as well – should the wedding require travel for those attending.

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