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Tips for Keeping Your Home and Shed Pest-Free

No one wants their house filled with creepy crawly critters and often by the time you notice a rodent or insect in your home, it may be too late. Seeing just one pest can be an indication of a much bigger problem. Pest control services may be able to help you determine the scope of your pest problem, but there are also things homeowners can do to keep homes pest free. There are even natural ways to keep pests out if you are against the use of harsh chemicals.

Perform seasonal checks — Many insects and rodents will seek shelter during the winter so you may want to check for any areas that may allow pests to enter your home before the cold weather sets in. Small holes in the roof or foundation should be sealed to keep mice, squirrels, and other animals out of your home.

Regularly trim branches — Animals such as raccoons and squirrels may use tree limbs and branches to access the roof of your home to find a way in. Regularly trimming branches and limbs can help keep these animals from getting on your roof and trying to find entry into your home.

Remove piles of debris — Insects and small animals tend to take shelter in dark, moist areas. Allowing piles of debris such as wood or mulch to build up near the house can allow insects and other animals to make their way inside.

Keep the kitchen clean — Insects are often attracted to food so keeping the kitchen clean is important. Keep surfaces clear of food, clean dishes, and sweep crumbs off the floor to help keep pests, especially ants, away.

Secure garbage bins — Pests such as squirrels and raccoons, and even birds will often rip open garbage bags and create a big mess. Keeping bins secured with a lid can help keep these animals away and prevent a large mess from having to be cleaned up.

Seal windows and doors — Small insects can find their way inside the home through even the tiniest holes. Take some time to examine doors and windows and seal any small cracks or holes that may allow insect entry. This will also help with energy efficiency.

Natural Pest Repellant Ideas

If you are opposed to using harsh chemicals to rid your home of pests and other insects, there are some natural methods you can try. There are various essential oils that will keep bugs out of the home. When mixed with alcohol such as vodka, the oils can be sprayed throughout the home to keep insects out. For example citronella will keep mosquitoes away, peppermint will deter spiders and ants, and rosemary keeps fleas and ticks out of the home. Another natural all purpose spray includes the use of peppermint castille soap mixed with water which can then be sprayed on baseboards and even countertops to keep insects away. Some people will sprinkle coffee grounds around doors and windows to keep ants out. There are many different natural pest control methods that can be utilized to keep the home pest free.

Bad pest infestations may require the use of a pest control service. If you take preventative measures before an infestation occurs, you will likely have more success in keeping your home pest free. For more information on keeping your home pest free, check out the pages below.


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