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Tips and Resources for a Successful Garage Sale

If you are like most people, you probably have the habit of collecting normal household items and not letting them go. Whether it is an old can opener or an unused tie rack, you probably have items sitting in your garage, basement or storage space that you have no use for. The problem with collecting items that you don’t use any longer is that it takes up space in your home, which could be used for productive purposes. So, what is a person to do? Get organized and get rid of your stuff – with a garage sale!

The first step in getting your garage sale going is to organize your house. Go around your house room by room, and determine what is good and what is junk. If it is junk and you think it has no value, then throw it out. If it is still good, then save it. The next step is determining what you will use and what you won’t use. If you have items that are still good, and have some value, that you are not going to use, those would be the items that you will have for your garage or yard sale.

There are many steps involved to have a successful garage sale. They include advertising your sale in your local area, coming up with a fair price for items for sale, organizing sale items by type and even talking with your neighbors to see if you could organize a neighborhood event. All of these are important factors in determining whether your garage sale will be a success or whether you are putting back the items in the garage or basement again!

To help with getting your garage sale off the ground, I have put together some pages that have been helpful to me and others in getting organized and putting on a successful garage or yard sale. I hope that it helps you too!


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