Gazebo we got from you is MARVELOUS


Steve, my husband, is an engineer and has done lots of machine work. He complains about the quality of nearly every product we have gotten over the years, pointing out (and he’s right) the flaws in the design or craftsmanship. We always end up re-fabbing, re-building or re-modeling many things to make them work as advertised.

Understandably, spending such an amount over the internet made me a little nervous. Talking to you on the phone helped, but still…

The Gazebo we got from you is MARVELOUS! The only thing Steve has commented on as we build it is the quality of the kit and the lovely design. It is going together smoothly. Yay! The best part for me is I get a fantastic gazebo – a longtime fantasy of mine – and it really is a happy time because the kit has made the project a fun one.

I cannot thank you enough for offering such a fantastic quality product, exactly as it was represented, with decent installation instructions, and it makes me feel just like a princess at the end of a long work day (unfortunately, I am not a real princess: thus the long work day) to sit in it and relax with my family and our dogs and the occasional cat. I’m sure the horses and sheep would join us if invited, but the room gets a bit crowded then ; )

So many things are not as represented, but you, Alan, get a gold star for the service, the advice AND the gazebo. Thanks for making our lives and our outdoor living area a reality instead of a dream!

Brenda Aloff

Alan, Please feel free to use my email as a testimonial. THANKS AGAIN!!!!