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Storage Tips for your Garage, Barn and Shed

An organized garage with storage shelves.

Owning a garage, barn, or shed is a great way to have extra storage space and a place to work and play. These outdoor rooms offer us a separate space from the house where projects can be done and things can get a bit messy. But often, these spaces can become cluttered and overcrowded with objects, tools, sporting goods, cars, and miscellaneous items that can cramp the space and get in the way of you enjoying these areas. There are some excellent ways you can reduce clutter and organize the garage and other storage areas that will make it easier to access things while still having plenty of room to work on your hobbies. Other important factors when you organize these areas include making sure that these areas are safe for animals and little ones. By having a clean and organized garage, barn, or shed, you will have a place that you enjoy using where you can easily find the things you need.

Garage Storage and Organization

Safety should be your first priority when it comes to keeping your garage clean and organized. Lock up chemicals and paints inside of a metal cabinet so little hands cannot get to them. Make sure all electrical and extension cords are out of the way to prevent tripping hazards. You can set up a hook system to hang tools, toys, and gardening items up on the walls. This keeps everything off of the floor and still within easy reach. Use a pegboard and attach it to the garage walls. Then, simply insert hooks and hang what you want where you want. Large plastic tubs or bins are another great option to store larger items. Label the tubs with whatever is inside, like “tools” or “grilling items,” so that anyone can easily tell what is inside each tub. Use as much of the space available in your garage as you can. For example, the ceilings can also be fitted to store objects up above.

Barn Storage and Organization

Having a barn can be quite a challenge. Not only do you want to have a place for everything, but having animals can make it even more challenging. You want to make sure you’re providing a clean, safe place where the animals can eat and rest, all while you are still able to perform the functions you choose to perform. Much like in a garage, you can utilize similar tactics to organize your supplies and tools. Hang horseshoes on hooks using pegboard, and store excess feed and supplies in large plastic tubs. There are even systems available to purchase that are specifically designed for barn storage, such as horse blanket and saddle racks. You’ll also want to make sure you have the tools and items needed to keep the barn clean for the animals that live there.

Shed Storage and Organization

The shed is usually a place where tools and garden supplies go to rest. It can be a workshop, a place to pot plants, a general storage area, and many other things, but if it is not organized, it becomes a cluttered mess. Keeping the shed organized can help you find tools and other things when you need them and can prevent you going on a wild goose chase to find that wrench you’ve been looking for. Utilize wall space from as far down to as far up as possible. Since sheds are usually small, you will want to use as much space as you can find. Baskets that affix to the wall as well as small jars that can hold things like screws and nails will make life much easier. Even simple things like wooden crates can help you keep the clutter at bay and make locating that drill or garden shovel a lot easier when you need it.

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