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Shed vs. Garage: Which Is Right for Your Storage Needs?

metal shed

If you’re in the market for some extra storage space on your property, a prefab metal building from Alan’s Factory Outlet is a great solution. We’ve got a wide variety of completely customizable metal buildings in an even wider variety of sizes. No matter what your storage needs are, we have a building that’s perfect for you.

The only problem is, which one is perfect for you?

This is a question you’ll really want to take some time to figure out. Whether you go with a garage or a shed to solve your storage needs, it’s going to be an investment. You don’t want to spend too much on more space than you’re ever going to need, but you also don’t want to quickly run out of room and wish you’d gone bigger.

If you’re unsure which one is the better choice for your current situation, consider the pros and cons of each to help you make your final decision.

large metal garage

Metal Garages

A garage is typically a larger structure that has at least one garage door, allowing you to drive vehicles in and out. The garages at Alan’s Factory Outlet range in size from 12 feet wide all the way up to 60 feet wide. Each one is completely customizable, including its dimensions, doors, windows, roof style, and color scheme. No matter what it is you’re looking to store, you can order a garage from us that’s sure to accommodate it. Of course, the bigger a garage is, the more materials will need to be used to build it, which will increase the cost. A multi-bay garage will also require multiple garage doors, which will add to the price, too. Still, even at a higher cost, a garage is a worthwhile investment. Most homes are likely to see an increase in their property value with the addition of one of our prefab metal garages!

Metal Sheds

While garages are a surefire way to fix any storage problems you may be having, they can end up being a bit more than you actually need, especially if you don’t need to store a vehicle. In these cases, it’s better to opt for a shed instead of a garage. A shed is a smaller structure that usually has only a walk-in door, though some may have a small garage door as well. Our smallest metal buildings make great sheds, providing more than enough storage space for tools, bikes, a lawnmower, or gardening supplies. Sheds are also great overflow space to help you clear the clutter out of your garage. Just be sure to buy a shed made of durable material, such as our small steel buildings, to ensure that it will stand the test of time.

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