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Custom Carports for Semi-Trucks

Semi-trucks are the most valuable asset of the job for those who drive them. A reliable truck in good condition makes truckers safer and more successful. Many truckers are responsible for storing their vehicle after work hours on their own property, and for these hard-working people, carports for semi-trucks are an invaluable investment. With a sturdy carport, you can protect your truck from the elements and reduce your maintenance expenses and repair costs. At Alan’s Factory Outlet, our semi-truck carports are customized to meet your needs at an affordable price. Whether you need a tiny shelter for your bicycles or a carport big enough for a semi, we can help!

Why Buy an Alan’s Factory Outlet Carport for Semi-Truck Storage?

There are a lot of benefits to installing a semi-truck carport from Alan’s Factory Outlet.

  • Customizable Designs: Get the exact style and color you want and a space that’s the perfect size for storage and maintenance of your truck.
  • Versatility: Our carports can be portable, but you can also anchor them permanently if you wish.
  • Easy Assembly: Our semi-truck carport kits are easy to build. If you like to DIY, you can install a carport yourself, but free installation is also available in select states.
  • Durability: These steel carports are built to last and will shelter a semi-truck in all types of weather.

Choosing a Size for Your Semi-Truck Carport

Our largest standard carport size is 60 feet wide and up to 20 feet tall, but that’s not the largest size you can buy. If you need to build a carport that’s larger, contact us: We can custom-build a structure that’s the perfect size for a semi-truck, RV, or any other large vehicle. Before shopping or calling us, we recommend knowing the length, width, and height of your semi-truck. You should also take some measurements of the area where you plan to build the carport to see how much space you have to work with.

Need more help? Check our FAQs or contact us with questions. We’ll be happy to help you find a semi-truck carport that works for you.

Our Largest Carport Options

Some of our largest models that you could use as a carport for semi-truck storage include:

40x40 Carport
40×40 Carport
40x60 Carport
40×60 Carport
50x52 Carport
50×52 Carport
60x60 Carport
60×60 Carport

Customize Your Semi-Truck Carport Today

At Alan’s Factory Outlet, we sell fully customizable carports, so you can buy one in the size, style, and color you like. You can even partially or fully enclose a steel carport for extra protection. Use our carport-builder tool to create your ideal carport online today, or give us a call for help designing a structure that exactly meets your needs. We’re here to help!

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