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Roof Styles for Carports and Metal Garages

Regular Roof

The regular roof style has a bow that gives it a unique shape while still allowing it to be the most economical roofing option.

A white car under a brown regular-style carport
A red 2-car garage with a regular-style roof and white doors

Boxed Eave Roof

Boxed-eave roofs have an A-frame style with panels that run horizontally from front to back.

A white carport with a boxed-eave roof and partially enclosed sides shelters a red truck
A beige 2-car metal garage with a boxed-eave roof

Vertical Roof

A vertical-style roof uses panels in a vertical orientation in order to add a layer of strength.

A red carport with a vertical-style roof
A gray two-car garage with a vertical-style roof and white doors and trim

When it comes to putting a building such as a shed or barn on your property, there are many considerations that must be taken into account. One of these considerations is the style of roof for your building or structure. When you purchase a shed, barn, or metal structure from Alan’s Factory Outlet, you’ll discover that we have several different roof styles for your consideration. There are both positives and negatives associated with each of the shed and barn roof styles that you’ll see while you browse our site. Before you buy, it is important to know what the differences are besides the obvious visual ones, as it will help make a final decision easier. The style of your barn or shed will also greatly impact its appearance. This makes choosing the right roof of the utmost importance for homeowners in particular, as it can drastically affect how well the structure complements one’s home.

Roof styles that you’ll find here at Alan’s Factory Outlet include the gambrel, gable, boxed-eave, and vertical design. Each of these different styles of roofs are not only different in appearance but also in other ways that people should consider before making a final decision on which roof to choose for their shed or barn. A gambrel roof style has a central ridge, and on each side, there are two slopes. These slopes open up the area closest to the roof, creating additional space that may be otherwise cut off by other roof styles. This makes the gambrel roof ideal for people who need additional storage space or who want to place a room or loft near the top of the structure. It works well as either a barn- or shed-style roof, although it is frequently called a barn-style roof due to its appearance. Although this type of roof offers more space, it isn’t advisable in areas with extreme rain or snow, as these weather conditions may cause it to weaken. Unlike the gambrel roof, a gable roof has less additional space due to the slope of the roof. It has the look of an upside-down letter V and is often considered an A-shaped roof. The gable roof is a good complement to many home roofs, and for this reason, it is one of the more popular shed roof styles that we offer for sale. Also because of its shape, rain and snow cannot settle and puddle or pile up on the roof.

The boxed-eave roof makes a good roof for a shed, particularly when the shed is a storage shed. It allows additional space for storage, and rain water and snow are unable to accumulate on its surface. The shape of the roof prevents snow and moisture from rolling down the sides of the structure, which can be damaging over time. The boxed-eave roof is one of the barn roof styles and among the metal roofing styles available here at Alan’s Factory Outlet. This type of roof requires regular leaf removal during the fall, as leaves can accumulate. The vertical roof is yet another metal roof style that we offer. It is a good option for carports and does not suffer from rain, snow, or leaf accumulation.

As you see, we offer many choices for your structure’s roof, including metal roofing styles. If you still have questions about any of the prefab structures that we have for sale or about their roofing options, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are available via our toll-free number, or complete and submit our online contact form. When you’re ready to order, you can either contact us by phone or order online 24/7.

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