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Practical Storage Tips For Every Homeowner

Living Room

Cut clutter in your living room by utilizing smart storage strategies and maximizing your space. While cabinetry, shelves, and closets exist, there are alternatives that can be both stylish and functional. For a practical method of storing items that you want to keep unseen, use interior storage space. For example, ottomans that feature removable lids and hidden spaces act as a decorative storage solution that can be packed with blankets, pillows, magazines, or toys. Instead of a coffee table, consider a large cedar chest or trunk for added storage. Bookcases and multi-media cabinets can also hold a slew of DVDs, books, and entertainment equipment.


Storage space is needed most in the kitchen, and a lack of space may make it difficult to prepare meals and entertain. If you have minimal space in terms of shelving and countertops, it may be necessary to add an extension. Kitchen carts are a popular option. These portable units can hold dishes, food, appliances, and other kitchen gadgets. Homeowners can also use wall space to create much needed storage, such as open shelving, pot racks, or hanging basket. Some may choose to organize under the sink space by hanging cleaning supplies from a tension rod in a safe area away from food preparation. Building vertical dividers in one’s cabinets to store serving pans and trays upright, makes them easier to find and also maximizes storage space in the kitchen.


As one of the smallest rooms in most homes, the bathroom can quickly become cluttered. Make use of over-the-toilet storage by adding shelving, cabinets, or towel hooks. Neatly display folded towels or decorative perfumes and lotions on these shelves in order to free up much needed cupboard and vanity space. Use decorative baskets to store bathroom supplies, such as extra toilet paper, wash clothes, and hygiene products. Baskets can be stored in the open, on closet shelves, or under the sink. Free-standing cabinets are also a popular storage option when all nooks and crannies, including back-of-the-door storage to hang robes or towel hooks, can be used.


Keep your bedroom neat and tidy by using storage solutions designed to make the space functional and organized. Platform beds are excellent for storage, as items can be stored in free space under the mattress, or in pre-built drawers in the platform. Lift up storage beds feature spring-loaded mechanisms that make lifting the mattress and storing your belongings a cinch. If you can’t store items under the bed, invest in a spacious storage headboard – one with built-in shelving. These headboards typically feature a variety of shelving and drawer options, and some may also include lighting. Storage cubes and benches can be placed at the end of the bed or in closets, and can hold a variety of items, such as shoes, linens, and out-of-season clothing.


Garages can be quickly overrun by tools, lawn and garden supplies, recreational items, and off-season decorations; it’s important to get these items off the floor and into a safe and practical area where they can be stored until they are needed. Consider hanging tools from a pegboard attached to a wall, or store them in a standing tool chest or tool box. Lawn and garden supplies should have their own area of the garage or be stored in a garden shed or barn. Organize sports and recreation equipment on a freestanding shelving unit or traditional mounted shelving. Clear plastic storage bins can also help keep the space organized, while still allowing you to see what’s inside. Bicycle hooks and hoists can be installed on the wall or ceiling to keep bikes and scooters out of the way.


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