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How are the carports and metal garages anchored?

The carports and metal garages can be anchored on a variety of surfaces.

Anchoring to Concrete

We can anchor your structure to concrete for free with concrete anchors. Please make sure if you have a concrete pad that it is level, flat, and does not have any bolts sticking up out of the concrete.

Anchoring to the Ground

We can anchor your structure to gravel, grass, or dirt if allowed by local regulations. Gravel is generally a better foundation than grass or dirt. The uncertified carports and steel garages can be anchored for free with 32″ rebar anchors.  Certified structures come standard with mobile home anchors. Mobile home anchors can also be added on uncertified carports and metal buildings for an additional charge. 

Anchoring to Asphalt

When anchoring to asphalt we must use 32″ rebar anchors.

The ground, concrete pad or asphalt must be level or at least within 3 to 4 inches level for us to be able to install the carport or metal garage.

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