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Detached Garage Cost Calculator

Detached Garage

Thinking of building a detached garage? If so, you’re probably wondering, “How much does it cost to build a detached garage?”

Here you will find everything you need to know about pricing a detached garage for your house.

If you just need a price for a specific size of garage, use our detached garage cost calculator to get an exact price for a detached garage in your area.

Detached Garage Cost

Before you can calculate the cost of a detached garage, you need to decide how big your garage will be. Here are some standard sizes for various, and approximate base cost for a detached metal garage.

One-Car Detached Garage Dimensions and Cost

The standard size of a small, one-car detached garage is 12’ x 20’. This will give you enough for a car, van, or truck, with room to open doors on both sides without hitting the walls.

The base price of a 12×20 detached metal garage, including installation and delivery, is about $4,500. This doesn’t include the price of the foundation, which we will look at in a moment.

If you need more space to store other stuff in your garage besides just a vehicle, I would recommend an 18×25 detached garage. This will give you several feet of space on the side and back of your garage for storage. The cost of a detached, 18×25 metal garage will start at about $5,500.

Two-Car Detached Garage Dimensions and Cost

A standard, 2-car detached garage is 20×20. However, a garage of that size is pretty tight if you have any larger-size vehicles. A 24×25 detached garage will provide plenty of space for larger vehicles, without fear of denting your vehicles when you open a car door. You will also have a little bit of storage space in the back. If you want more storage space, or space for a small workshop, a 24×30 garage would be better.

Here are approximate starting costs for these 2-car detached garages:

20×20 detached garage – about $6,500

24×25 detached garage – about $8,000

24×30 detached garage – about $9,000

Three-Car Detached Garage Dimensions and Cost

For a three-car garage, you have a couple options. You could get a 30×20 detached garage, and park your cars side by side.

Another option is to get a 24×35 garage and park up to four cars in your garage. You can either put two garage doors on the front of the garage, or you could put three garage doors on the side.

A 24×35 detached garage with 2 garage doors on the front starts at about $9,000.

Four-Car Detached Garage Dimensions and Cost

For a four-car detached garage, I’d start with a 24×45 building and add four garage doors on the side. You can use our 3D metal garage builder to design this model. The cost of a 24×45 metal garage with four doors on the side starts at about $12,500.

How Much Does a Detached Garage Foundation Cost?

A concrete foundation will usually cost at least $8 per square foot. In some areas the price will be lower, but usually it will be higher. The biggest factor is the local cost of labor. If you pour your own foundation, you only need to pay for the cost of the concrete and any tools and supplies that you need.

For the detached garages that we sell, we recommend a foundation that is one foot wider and one foot longer than the dimensions of the garage. This is to make sure the building can be secured to the foundation with concrete anchor bolts without cracking the foundation. So if you want a 12×20 detached garage, you would need a concrete slab that is 13×21.

Here are some rough cost estimates for a concrete slab for detached metal garages of various sizes:

Garage Dimensions (ft)Approx. Cost of Concrete Slab

Attached vs Detached Garage – Which is Cheaper?

A detached metal garage is a lot cheaper than an attached garage. Why? For one, attached garages are usually made of wood, which could easily cost twice as much as metal.

Second, attached garages have to be custom-built on-site to connect to your house. Hiring a local builder is a lot more expensive than getting a prefabricated metal garage installed. Since our garages are prefabricated in a factory, almost no material is wasted. Since you aren’t paying for extra material that ends up in a landfill, you’re saving money. You also save on the cost of labor, since we can manufacture and install your garage in a few hours.

That doesn’t mean we can deliver your garage tomorrow. In order to give you the best quality for the lowest price, we batch orders into job routes. But if you want a high-quality detached garage at an unbeatable price, our detached garages are worth waiting for.

Want to Learn More?

If you have plans to get a detached garage, read my Metal Garage Buyer’s Guide for lots of helpful ideas and tips that will help you design and build your dream garage.

If you’re ready to buy now, use my 3D Garage Designer to calculate the exact cost of the detached metal garage you need.

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