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Free Shipping and Installation
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Only pay a deposit for delivery
Only pay a deposit for delivery

Metal Carports CO & NM

The carports are delivered and installed in New Mexico and most of Colorado.  Delivery may not be available in all locations. Carport prices subject to change without notice.

Effective 6/7/21: There will be a 20% manufacturer surcharge added to pricing in CO and NM.

Orders Over $5,000 in New Mexico only will have 10% manufacturer surcharge.

Call 1-800-488-6903 for Ordering the Carports and Metal Buildings in Colorado and New Mexico.

Colorado and New Mexico Carport Prices

Click Here for a PDF of the Carport and Metal Garage Prices in Colorado and New Mexico

carport prices co and nm

26′ to 30′ Wide Carport Prices

26 to 30 wide carport prices

12′ to 30′ Wide Metal Garage Prices

metal garage prices colorado and new mexico

32′ to 40′ Wide Carport Prices

32 to 40 carport prices co and nm

In Colorado and New Mexico as long as you order it certified after ordering upon request generic blue print drawings are available for free.  If you need wet sealed drawings they are available for an additional $200 as long as you order the carport or metal building certified.

The carports in CO and NM are delivered and built on site and come in your choice of 14 different colors.

The carport and metal building manufacturer Eagle Carports Inc that services CO and NM charges a 2.5% credit card convenience fee on the balance due if it is paid with a credit card.  The balance due after installation is paid directly to the factory which is in this case is Eagle Carports Inc.  There is no fee if the balance is paid with a money order or cashier check.  There is no fee on the initial deposit upon ordering which is paid to Alan’s Factory Outlet for either credit card or check.

A telescopic forklift is required in CO and NM buildings if your structure has 14′ legs or taller.

*Colors my vary and are approximate only


Please feel free to call Alan’s Factory Outlet at 1-800-488-6903 to get a price on the size and style steel carport you are looking for.

It is up to each customer to check and see what permits may be required.  On the carports and steel buildings it is up to you to get any permits that may be required for your location.

Optional features on carports and metal garages in CO and NM.


Estimated Delivery Time for Carports and Metal Garages

Estimated delivery time for carports and metal garages in Colorado and New Mexico is 11+ Weeks.

  • The estimated time frame is for New Orders with Eagle Carports Inc and it is not a guarantee but simply forecasted based on current trends. Additionally, during winter months there is a greater chance of exceeding the above delivery times due to common winter storms in many locations.

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