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Building Your Own Home Garden

Homeowners whether they are owning their homes for the first time or if this is their second or third homes, are faced with numerous challenges. Once they have gotten past the finding, purchasing and moving, homeowners are now faced with what to do with the home. For some homeowners, inside and outside of the house are perfect and need no major improvements. However, since that situation is extremely rare, the vast majority of homeowners are left with the challenge of making improvements.

There are many different choices that people are faced with when dealing with making changes to their homes and properties. Some can be structural or functional changes such as adding a room or making changes to a room or house. Other changes can be aesthetic changes such as new furnishings, new paint or wallpaper or even more subtle changes such as the placement of furniture. However, most of those changes can be quite costly to new homeowners.

While there are many changes that homeowners can do relatively inexpensively, one that can have an impact on the overall look of a property would be changes to the landscaping of the home. Landscaping could include trees, flowers, plants and overall look of the lawn. All could be taken care of by every homeowner regardless of their experience, with minimal cost.

To assist new and experienced homeowners, we have provided a number of useful resources to help make your home and garden beautiful. We hope that this information will help in your do it yourself gardening projects. Please feel free to bookmark this page and refer to it as often as you need. Also, if you feel this information can be useful for others, please feel free to share it with others.

Planting Trees

  • How to Plant Trees – Useful page from the Arbor Day Foundation which provides a guide about planting trees.
  • Planting Trees and Shrubs – Article that will assist in the proper installation of trees in shrubs around the house.
  • Trees for Energy Conservation – Informative article which discusses how planting trees can help with energy conservation.
  • Tree Planting Tips – Article which provides useful tips for the home gardener on how to plant a tree.


  • Plants – Helpful encyclopedia with information on various types of plants and shrubs.
  • Plants Database – Informative website with information on different kinds of plants commonly found.
  • Plants – Useful page for people looking for information on different kinds of plants.
  • Houseplants – Site providing homeowners with information on how to care for houseplants.


  • How to Plant Vegetables – Article which serves as a guide to planting vegetables.
  • First Vegetable Garden – Information on how people can plan their first home vegetable gardens.
  • Planting Schedules – Informative article which lists the schedules that should be followed when planting vegetables.


Yard and Garden Landscaping

Garden Care

  • Garden Care Tips – Helpful page with information and suggestions on home garden care.
  • Lawn Care – Article with information on how to care for lawn and garden.
  • Caring For Your Lawn – Useful page with information on landscaping and garden plants.

Gardening Resources

Kids Can Help

  • Kids Garden Activities – Collection of resources and activities about gardening for kids.
  • My First Garden – Fun web page for children with information and activities about gardening.
  • Gardening With Children – Page with suggestions on how to incorporate your children into gardening activities.
  • Gardening With Children Ideas – Resourceful page with links and ideas on how to have your children help with gardening.


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