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Your Fall Leaf Cleanup Guide

If you live in a yard with a lot of trees, you might be seeing the leaves start to pile up outside your window. There are many ways for homeowners to remove leaves from their lawn. You may have a leaf blower that conveniently moves the leaves into piles in your yard. Or, maybe you invested in a mower that vacuums the leaves and stores them in a bag as you cruise across the yard. Of course, there is always the traditional rake standing in the corner of your garage waiting to get down to work. Once you gather up the leaves the question becomes what to do with them? Consider a few ideas on how to dispose of the fallen leaves covering your lawn.

Put the Leaves into Decorative Trash Bags

One thing to do with piles of leaves is to stuff them into decorative garbage bags. An advantage that comes with this option is that you’re adding to your outdoor Halloween décor as you’re disposing of leaves. There are garbage bags designed to look like monsters, pumpkins and ghosts when stuffed to the brim with leaves. At the end of the month, you can open the bags and dispose of the leaves. Of course, if you don’t want to deal with the hassle of shoveling leaves into bags, you may want to go with another option.

Add the Leaves to a Compost Pile

Leaves are a great addition to a compost pile. Using them as compost contributes nutrients to the soil and helps keep the other materials in the pile from clumping together. The biggest advantage of using leaves as compost is they don’t cost a cent! However, you have to consider whether you want to take the time to load up a wheelbarrow with leaves, roll them to your compost pile and spread them around.

Use Your Leaves as Mulch

Another idea is to use leaves as mulch in your garden. It’s helpful to shred the leaves with your lawnmower, so they’ll be easier to spread around. Many people like using leaves as mulch, because they feed earthworms and other creatures that help gardens flourish in the springtime. One disadvantage of using leaves as mulch is that you have to be careful of the types of leaves you put into your garden. For instance, walnut and eucalyptus leaves contain elements that can prevent the growth of plants. This can be tricky if you have these trees mixed in with others in your yard.

Put Aside a Box of Leaves for Fun Art Projects

If you have children or grandchildren who love crafts, a box of leaves can be the starting point for some fun projects. One easy art project involves making a leaf rubbing. Kids and adults can use their creativity as they choose a variety of leaves for the project, as well as the colors and paper. I think a colorful leaf rubbing would be a perfect addition to any refrigerator door, don’t you? Creating a leaf collage is another idea for a kid’s art project. Simply paste different types of leaves on a piece of construction paper or even a piece of poster board. Parents looking for a creative/educational project can get their child to remove various types of leaves from the box and identify them. Gluing each leaf to a piece of paper and labeling it is a fun way to get a kid to remember specific types of leaves. To take the project a step further, take your child or grandchild out into the yard to identify the tree that dropped each leaf.

I hope these ideas supply you with the inspiration you need to go out and start cleaning up those leaves. Thanks for reading.-Alan

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