Wood Horse Sheds and Metal Horse Sheds

Horse Sheds, Horse Barns and Run in Sheds

horse sheds 

Alan’s Factory Outlet horse sheds are built in a wood or metal horse shed.  The above picture is a wood horse barn with a run in shed, tack room in the middle and a horse stall on the other end.  The horse shed sizes and horse barn prices are all listed on the website.  The wood horse sheds all have a 4′ high oak kick board where the metal horse sheds are just framed out with metal tubing and sheeting on the outside so you will want to reinforce the metal horse sheds on the inside to protect the building if and when the horse kicks it.

The wood horse sheds are Amish built and delivered fully assembled.  The horse sheds are delivered in Virginia and West Virginia.

metal horse sheds

The metal horse sheds are built with a lean to on each side.  If you need several stalls the metal horse sheds are going to be more economical than the wood horse sheds however again you will need to build the divider walls and a kick board.  The standard length starts out 21′ long (actual base length is 20′ long) with a 12′ wide center portion and the lean to is also 12′ wide on each side.  So this would give you a 12×20 center run area and 4 10×12 stalls once you put a divider wall up in the middle of the lean to. 

The metal lean to horse sheds are delivered and setup in 19 different states.