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Why You Should Make A Garden Nook Your Summer Project


A pergola kit from Alan’s Factory Outlet may be just want is need to transform your backyard into a place of serenity.

Would you like to have a relaxing place in your backyard where you can sit and enjoy nature? If so, you may want to consider creating a garden nook. A garden nook can be a hideaway in a corner of your backyard or at one edge of your garden. You can put plants, flowers, trees, and other items in your garden nook to establish a peaceful atmosphere. A garden nook is a great place to read, listen to music, talk with friends, or simply absorb the sights and sounds around you. Take a look at why creating a garden nook should be the next item on your summer list of DIY projects!

Choosing a Location

The best garden nooks are the ones that offer a quiet, shady environment, so try creating a nook beneath a large, shady tree. Another idea is to create a sitting area beneath a pergola. A pergola draped with hanging vines can provide you with shade as well as privacy. If you have a privacy fence around your backyard, you may want to set up your nook in a far corner away from the house. This decreases the amount of noise you’ll hear coming from your home as well as your neighbor’s yard.

Peaceful Surroundings

Fragrant plants and flowers add to the appeal of a garden nook. Clematis or wisteria draped on a pergola or growing on a nearby fence can add fragrance and color to the area. Other attractive, fragrant blooms include heliotrope, roses, angel’s trumpet, jasmine, and ginger lilies. In addition to a collection of colorful flowers, you may want to set up a rock garden with a fountain. I think the sound of trickling water adds to a serene atmosphere; don’t you?

What Type of Seating Should I Choose?

When it comes to seating in a garden nook, there are plenty of options to choose from. You could put a small wooden bench in your garden nook or set up a free-standing porch swing with a canopy. If you want to maintain a rustic theme for your garden nook, you could put in some tree stump seats. These are tree stumps that have been sanded to make them more comfortable to sit on. Plastic or fabric lawn chairs are two more great options for a garden nook. Lawn chairs are easy to clean and to move around if you have guests over for a visit.

Special Touches in a Garden Nook

Hang up a couple of bird feeders in your garden nook to make it more bird-friendly. You can spend some time admiring the variety of feathered guests who visit your nook. A small fish pond can make for an interesting addition to the area. You can fill it with aquatic plants such as water lilies, frogbit, or water lettuce. Don’t forget to get some pretty fish! A tree stump table is perfect for holding a glass of cold lemonade or iced tea. If you have a fence nearby or a couple of solid trees, you may want to put up a hammock so you can enjoy a nap on a summer afternoon. Finally, think about getting some solar path lights so you can spend time out in your garden nook after the sun goes down.

Have fun making your garden nook, and thanks for reading! – Alan

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