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Why Not Raking The Leaves Leads to A Healthier Lawn

A layer of leaves in your yard provides a place for butterfly and moth pupae to survive during the cold months of winter. Butterflies and moths are both significant pollinators. So, you’re helping your own garden as well as the environment in general by letting the leaves remain in your yard.

Provide Food for Birds in the Springtime

Some of those butterfly and moth pupae mentioned above will turn into full grown adults. Others will be fed to baby birds in the springtime. When you skip the raking, you’re protecting a source of food for adult and baby birds alike. The robins, sparrows, and cardinals will thank you!

Boost the Health of Your Garden

A layer of leaves prevents weed growth on your lawn and in your garden. So, you don’t have to worry about getting out the wheelbarrow and the bags of mulch. The job has been done naturally. Furthermore, as leaves break down over the winter months, they fertilize the ground.

Give the Critters a Home

Did you know many animals use leaves to make their winter home? Squirrels use leaves to build their nests high up in the trees. Turtles, salamanders, toads, earthworms, and other creatures make their home beneath layers of leaves. When you skip raking the leaves in your yard, you’re providing shelter for a variety of animals over the cold winter.

Give the Landfills a Break

Millions of tons of leaves go into landfills every year. People rake them, bag them, and put them out on the curb with their garbage. These leaves take up valuable space in a landfill. What a waste! They can be used to make your lawn and garden healthier in the springtime. Don’t miss the opportunity to put those leaves to good use.

Helpful Tips to Remember

  • If you walk through your yard on the way to your shed, carport or mailbox, rake aside a small section of leaves to create a neat path. This can prevent you and others from slipping on wet leaves while moving from point A to point B in your yard. Use the leaves you collect as layers for your compost pile or place them around a tree.
  • Run your lawn mower over the leaves in your yard to cut them into small pieces. Leaves that are shredded and chopped up into small pieces are even more effective at fertilizing your lawn.
  • If you have drainage pathways on your lawn, be sure to remove leaves from them so rainwater and melted snow can move away from your property. For example, make sure the paths leading away from your home’s downspouts are clear of leaves.

I’m pleased to provide you with a different way of looking at your leaf-filled yard this autumn. Enjoy the colorful view! Thanks for reading.-Alan

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