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Which Wood Would a Woodchuck Chuck if a Woodchuck Needed a New Wood Storage Shed?

I hope you enjoyed a little chuckle when you saw the title of my blog this week. Though I’m not a woodchuck, I do have many years of experience working with wood storage sheds as well as wood storage shed kits. I’d say that cedar is the best wood to use in the construction of a storage shed. I would like to point out that Alan’s Outlet has wood sheds for sale that are made of cedar. Now that you know the answer to the big question, I’ll highlight some of the most desirable qualities of cedar. Also, I’d like to share some interesting information about the different types of cedar. Yes, there’s more than one type!

The Favorable Qualities of Cedar

The durability of cedar is one of the most common reasons why it’s used in the construction of storage sheds. This type of wood contains oils that make it resistant to decay. These natural oils also drive away insects that can bore into the wood causing damage. Naturally, you want a storage shed that will last for years and still look good! The water resistant quality of cedar allows it to endure through various types of inclement weather. In short, cedar can stand up to many destructive elements that cause permanent damage to inferior types of wood.

Putting aside its durability, many people have great appreciation for the less practical qualities of cedar. For instance, cedar wood has a pleasing fragrance. So, if you’re someone who makes a habit of putting cedar chips in your closet or in your dresser drawers you can get the same fragrance in a cedar storage shed without the extra effort.

Cedar wood storage sheds are also visually appealing. The reddish brown color of a cedar wood shed is an attractive addition to any piece of property. You can plant flowers around your cedar storage shed or let it stand alone. Either way, it is sure to get a lot of compliments from neighbors and friends alike.

The Various Types of Cedar Wood

You may think that all cedar wood is the same, but there are a variety of cedars . The gathering includes western red cedar, eastern red cedar, Spanish cedar, and true cedar. All of these varieties of cedar wood have qualities in common. They are all resistant to decay and repel insects. In addition, all of them share the same pleasing scent of cedar wood. There are some subtle differences between the types of cedar. For instance, Spanish cedar is insect resistant like the others, but also has a special resistance to termites. All of these cedar woods are visually appealing, but true cedar is known for its interesting grain. Regardless of its type, the favorable qualities of cedar wood far outweigh any of the negatives.

Finally, please give some consideration to our selection of board batten wood sheds for sale. They will keep your tools, equipment and other items secure. We also have dependable wood storage shed kits that you can easily assemble on your property. Let one of our Amish built storage sheds serve as sturdy shelter for your valuables. Thanks! Alan

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