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Which Type of Fencing Material Should You Choose?

Do you want to build a fence around your property? Perhaps you want more privacy or you’d like to have an extra layer of security for your home and garage. Well, before you can build a fence, you have to decide what type of fence material you want. Each type of fencing has its own advantages and disadvantages. Check out some helpful information I found on materials for fences.


Cedar, redwood, cypress, pressure-treated pine, and white oak are all types of wood used for fences. You have a lot of great choices!

Cedar is one of the best types of wood for a fence due to its natural oils. These oils are a deterrent to burrowing insects. It’s also resistant to rot, which means a cedar fence is built to last!

Redwood is another solid choice for a fence. It’s rot-resistant as well and not at all appealing to insects.

Along with having a lot of options regarding wood type, you can paint or stain a wooden fence to suit your color preferences.

One of the disadvantages of wood for a fence is it can take on damage from harsh weather conditions. Also, you have to dedicate time and money to keeping a wooden fence looking its best.


An advantage of aluminum for your fence is that it requires very little maintenance. This material won’t rust or corrode.

One of the disadvantages of aluminum is that it’s lightweight and can bend. Also, it doesn’t provide a high level of security.


A fence made of steel provides you with a high level of security, and if it’s galvanized and has a powder coating, it won’t rust. Most steel fences are galvanized.

A big disadvantage of using steel as fencing material is that it’s expensive. It also requires professionals to install it.

Wrought Iron

You may agree with me when I say that a beautifully designed wrought-iron fence can be a work of art. The attractiveness of this type of fence is one of its biggest advantages. Also, the material is durable and strong.

On the downside, wrought iron is at the top of the list of the most expensive materials for fences. Another disadvantage is that you have to sand and repaint your wrought-iron fence about every two years to keep it looking its best.


A vinyl fence can mimic the appearance of a wooden fence but needs less maintenance. Another advantage is that you can order it in the color you want so you don’t have to paint or stain it.

One of the disadvantages of a vinyl fence is its vulnerability to extreme changes in temperature. These changes can cause vinyl to shift. In addition, the initial cost of a vinyl fence is higher than many other types of fences.


PVC is recycled material, so you have the advantage of owning an environmentally friendly fence. Other advantages are that it’s inexpensive material and you can install the fence yourself.

A disadvantage is that it doesn’t have a particularly attractive appearance. And like vinyl, this material can shift and loosen in response to extreme changes in temperature.


Are you considering concrete, brick, or stone for your fence? If so, you’re choosing an attractive, traditional option. These are durable materials as well.

But one problem with using masonry materials for your fence is they are expensive. Also, this type of fence requires professional installation. It must be built with a particular type of foundation that will help it remain sturdy despite extreme temperature changes.

When it comes to fence material, chain-link is very reasonably priced. Another advantage is that you can install this type of fence yourself.

One disadvantage of a chain-link fence is that it doesn’t have a lot of visual appeal: Imagine the fencing around a school playground. Also, if you’re looking for a high level of security or any level of privacy, chain-link doesn’t offer either one.

Try writing down the top three reasons you have for installing your new fence. This will help you decide on the most suitable material. Thanks for reading. – Alan

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