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Which Garage Floor Is Right For You?

which floor for metal garages

‘What Type of Floor is Right for My Garage?’

Whether you want to make your garage into a workshop or simply park your car there, it’s important to have the right kind of floor. Ideally, you want to have the type of garage floor that remains level and stays in good condition. Also, it’s a wise idea to a get a garage floor that is easy to keep clean. Look at several types of garage floors and learn some of the advantages and disadvantages of each type. Enjoy!


A foam floor is a series of interlocking foam mats that cover the entire area of the garage. Most foam floors are waterproof and there are many colors and designs to choose from. One of the disadvantages of this floor is that a heavy object can make a lasting impression in the foam. Also, sharp objects may damage the floor. It’s best to have a level surface beneath the mats so they lay flat. If you plan to use your garage as a workshop instead of parking your car there, foam is comfortable material to walk around on.


A rubber garage floor is similar to a foam floor. A rubber floor is made up of interlocking mats that fit perfectly within the area of a garage. Some advantages are these floors are waterproof, easy to clean with a hose or leaf blower and can be purchased in many colors. A disadvantage is that if a heavy object sits on this surface for a long period of time an impression may be left behind. Rubber flooring is a good choice if you place it on level ground and want a flexible surface to walk on.


Someone putting a slate tile floor in a garage has a lot of colors and shapes to choose from. One disadvantage is that a slate floor can be expensive to install. Pure slate tiles may not be able to maintain their condition under the weight of a car over a long period of time. Plus, the salt and chemicals used on snowy roads can stick to a car’s tires and harm a floor made of slate.

Vinyl and PVC

Vinyl (PDF) and PVC floors are easy to maintain and install. Generally, this type of floor arrives in one large roll. It can be trimmed with a utility knife to fit your garage. One disadvantage of this type of material is that if a permanent stain appears on the floor, there is no way to replace that particular area of the floor. The floor beneath a vinyl or PVC floor must be level in order to get the desired results.


A garage floor of poly-vinyl tile is durable and easy to maintain. Once again, it’s important to have a level floor beneath these tiles. A disadvantage is this type of floor can become slippery when moisture collects on it. This type of floor may tear or bubble if it isn’t installed correctly.


One of the advantages of having a granite garage floor for is its visual appeal. It is scratch-resistant and available in many designs. Some disadvantages of granite are that it’s not resistant to some types of powerful chemicals. Also, it can be costly to install because it must be done with great care.


One of the biggest advantages of a cement/concrete garage floor is its durability. It can easily handle the weight of one or two cars. A disadvantage is that it can be costly to put in a concrete/cement garage floor. If you’re looking for long-lasting material with the ability endure the movement of cars, then a concrete/cement floor would be a good investment for your garage.

Remember, it’s a good idea to keep the main purpose of your garage in mind while trying to choose the type of floor material that will best serve your needs. Thanks for reading.-Alan

About the Author

Alan Bernau Jr. has helped more than 50,000 homeowners design and install custom carports and garages. If you need a custom carport, and you live in the eastern half of the United States, Alan’s Factory Outlet is here to help.

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