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What Zoning Laws Could Mean for You and Your Property Additions

zoning for storage buidings

Adding a Storage Building to Your Property

It’s easy to get excited when you find the perfect storage structure to put on your property. Just imagine all of the extra space you’ll have! You may want a shed to house all of those gardening supplies stacked in the basement or a carport to shelter your teenager’s new vehicle. I’m always grateful when people look to Alan’s Factory Outlet for a carport, shed, garage or other storage building. There are a few things to investigate before ordering a new addition to your property. For example, it’s a wise idea to check into the zoning laws for your area. Zoning laws regulate the types of structures that are put or built on a piece of property. You’ll need to find out the specific building laws of your city to see whether a permit is necessary to add a structure to your property. Sometimes the need for a permit is dictated by the size of the shed or building, however each city has its own guidelines. This week I’d like to spend a little time on the topic of zoning laws and how they may affect your plans to add a storage building to your property.

Getting the Right Information

When you have an idea of what sort of storage structure you want to order, I recommend that you take a look at your city’s website . The Internet address will most likely end in .gov. Some cities clearly answer the question of whether a building permit is necessary for a prefabricated building. For those of you who prefer to address your questions to an actual person, I suggest you call the building department of your city’s government. You’ll likely find the phone number on the government website or on the government pages of your city’s phone book. An administrator working in the building department will be able to answer your inquiries regarding building permit information.

If the Answer is Yes

After you ask your city’s officials about the construction laws, you may find that you need a permit to make an addition to your property. The next step is to fill out an application for a permit. Generally, the questions on the application deal with what type of work you want done, where the structure will be, and the dimensions of the structure, among other important details. There is often a fee that goes along with the application. After the application is filled out and turned in, it may take one or two weeks for the city to consider whether to grant the permit.

Consequences of Not Researching Local Construction Laws

It’s worth taking a bit of time to check into local building laws before adding a storage structure to your property. If you add a structure to your property and find that it violates some zoning law, it can result in a fine from the city. You may even have to arrange to move the structure. In short, you can save yourself a lot of headaches by doing a little research before ordering your structure.

I hope this has helped you to get a better picture of how building laws can affect your plans of adding a storage building to your property. Thanks for reading. -Alan

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