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What To Do With Your Pets When You Go On Vacation

Are you planning to take a vacation this summer? If so, that’s great! If you own a dog or a cat, you may be wondering how to handle their care while you’re away. This week, I have some pet care suggestions that will give you peace of mind about your furry loved ones while you’re away on vacation.

Call on a Family Member or a Neighbor

Ask a family member who lives close by if they will take your dog or cat into their home while you’re away. Or ask a next-door neighbor if they’ll check on your pet while you’re gone. The neighbor can stop by your home a couple times a day to check on your cat and let your dog outside and make sure they have food and water. I think many pets feel more at ease in their own home even if their owner is away for a bit. Be sure to leave your neighbor instructions that include:

  • Where the pet food is kept and how much to give your dog or cat
  • Any special vitamins or pills that should be mixed into your pet’s food
  • The length of time your dog should be outside to relieve itself
  • A phone number where you can be reached if there’s a problem

Contact a Professional Pet-Sitter

Check out a website such as to find people in your area who specialize in taking care of pets while their owners are on vacation. You simply enter your ZIP code, then select whether you want to board your pet or you’d like someone to drop by your home to care for your pet. You determine the details, and the website gives you a list of pet caregivers near you. You can read about each person and contact them for more details.

Arrange for Your Pet to Stay at a Kennel

Perhaps you’d prefer to leave your pet in a kennel where it will have care and supervision 24/7. If so, try doing an online search in your area and reading reviews on the kennels near you. Calling those you’re interested in and asking questions about their prices and services is always a good idea. Be sure to pay the kennel a visit before leaving your pet there just to get a feel for the level of care. The manager should be happy to give you a tour of the kennel. Some of the things to look for during your visit include:

  • Clean sleep areas, exercise areas, and hallways
  • A spacious exercise area where your pet can run
  • A trained, friendly staff ready to answer your questions

Take Them With You

If you prefer to take your dog or cat along on your vacation, look for pet-friendly hotels to stay in. These places are happy to accommodate dogs and cats. Be sure to call beforehand and ask about any fees or other guidelines before making a reservation.

Whether you take your pet with you or leave it in good hands at home, enjoy your vacation this summer. Thanks for reading. – Alan

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