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What To Do With Old Items Replaced During The Holidays

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I hope that you enjoyed the holidays in the company of family and friends. If you’re fortunate enough to have some new pieces of furniture or appliances, you may be wondering what to do with the old items. Well, there are several ways that you can get rid of those old appliances or items of furniture without hauling them to the curb on garbage day. Consider a few simple ideas:

Recycling Appliances

In the past, old, broken appliances used to end up in a landfill to rust and fall apart. Today, it’s possible to recycle old appliances so the metal can be used to make other items. Refrigerators, washing machines, clothing dryers, microwaves, toasters, and coffee makers are just a few of the appliances that can be recycled. The first step is to find an appliance recycling center in your area. You can do this by conducting an online search or calling your city or county government office. Some organizations will pick up large appliances, while others require you to transport both large and small appliances to the recycling center. Some retail stores that sell large appliances will offer to haul away your old appliance and make sure it is recycled. I recommend you ask about this service whenever you purchase a large appliance from a store.

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Donating Furniture and Appliances

You may be reading my blog from the comfort of a brand new easy chair. Meanwhile, your old easy chair is sitting out in the garage waiting to find a new home. One option is to donate it to a charity. Many charities such as Goodwill resell old furniture and clothing items. The organization uses the money to benefit those in need. Be sure to vacuum and clean any old chairs or sofas before turning them over to a charity. Once again, some charities may offer to pick up large items such as sofas and dining room tables, while others require people to drop off their donations at a particular location. If your refrigerator, coffee maker, or other appliance is still in good working condition, consider donating it. Charitable organizations give furniture and reliable appliances to families and individuals who need them. There are even some organizations that repair old appliances to distribute them to those in need.

Selling Old Items

Another option is to sell old appliances or items of furniture that are in good condition. Placing an online classified ad is an effective way to sell an item to someone in your area. You can even post photos that show different angles of your sofa, refrigerator, etc. Most people communicate with potential buyers via email or over the phone.

Finally, consider giving your old appliances or furniture to family members or friends in need. Maybe your nephew and his new wife need a washing machine or kitchen table to complete their expanding household. Perhaps you have a child or young neighbor who could use your old mini-refrigerator in their college dorm room next semester. You’ll enjoy your new appliances and furniture all the more knowing that your old items are not going to waste. Thanks for reading! – Alan

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