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Using Flowers To Attract And Repel Certain Critters

Flowers That Attract Insects and Animals


There’s not much of a downside to planting lavender in your garden. It attracts bees and butterflies for one. Also, you get to enjoy its lovely deep purple color and fragrance.

Black-eyed Susan

These are hardy perennial flowers that can endure poor soil and dry conditions. Black-eyed Susan’s can have petals of brilliant yellow, bronze and even red. They attract bees, butterflies and other pollinators. Plus, in the fall when the petals fall off of these flowers, finches eat the leftover seeds for nourishment in the cool weather. Praying mantis like to live among these flowers. A praying mantis eats beetles, crickets and other insects that can do harm to your garden.


Zinnias can be found in yellow, red, orange, white, purple and pink. In fact, the only zinnia colors you won’t see are blue and brown. These flowers are easy to grow and beloved by hummingbirds and bees.


Planting marigolds is a great way to attract ladybugs to your garden. Why do you want ladybugs in your garden? Of course, they’re cute! But, another reason is ladybugs eat mites and aphids that can feed on your flowers making them look like Swiss cheese! Marigolds add splashes of orange, white, yellow or red to your garden.

Flowers That Repel Insects and Animals


Petunias are sweet flowers found in red, white, yellow, and purple. They are known to repel insects such as mosquitoes, squash bugs, beetles and aphids. Many people plant them near vegetables to keep these pesky bugs away.


Chrysanthemums repel fleas, ants, roaches and Japanese beetles. Gold, red, maroon, purple, and pink are just a few of the many colors you can find if you want some of these blooms for your yard.


Lavender is a repellant to moths, fleas, flies, and mosquitoes. You can even put some bouquets of lavender inside your home or even in your storage garage to deter flies.


Planting marigolds in your garden can keep mosquitoes and aphids away due to its fragrance. Also, marigolds have been known to keep rabbits at a distance, so they aren’t so quick to start munching on your flowers and vegetables.


If you already love these cheerful flowers you’ll be glad to know they repel mosquitoes along with other pests. So, be sure to add some red, white, purple and yellow geraniums to your garden this year.

With a little planning, your garden can serve multiple purposes while providing you with a beautiful view out your window.

Thanks for reading.-Alan

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