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Unexpected Outdoor Flooring Ideas


4 car metal garage with a gravel floor (garage doors are shown on the side, with two optional walk in doors and two optional windows)  Most popluar option for the metal buildings is concrete, 2nd most popular would be gravel.

With the arrival of the warm weather, there is a good chance that you’re spending more time outdoors. Maybe you love to relax on your patio with a favorite novel. Or you may enjoy walking in your garden or throwing a party on your city roof terrace. If you’d like to update these outdoor areas, you may want to start with the flooring. There are plenty of creative flooring ideas that can make these outdoor spaces all the more inviting. Check out a few examples.

A Patio

Putting down wooden tiles can add interest to a simple concrete patio in the backyard. There are outdoor wooden tiles available in dark or light-colored wood. Often, wooden tiles feature slats that contribute texture to the design. Non-slip wooden tiles that snap together are especially easy to install on a concrete patio. Wooden planks are another idea for patio flooring. These are perfect if you live near a wooded area and want to give your patio a more rustic appearance.

A City Roof Terrace

If you’re a city-dweller with a roof terrace, consider putting down some artificial grass. It’s relatively easy to install, and you don’t have to water or fertilize it to keep it looking great! This option brings a little bit of nature to your place in the city. I suggest you put out some big potted plants to enhance the look of your faux grass. Mosaic tile is another interesting choice for a city roof terrace. It brings a colorful, engaging design to your terrace. Wooden planks are another durable, attractive choice for the floor of a city roof terrace.

A Garden Area

A stone walkway is one idea for flooring in a garden area. A collection of flagstones in different shapes and colors adds an extra element of beauty to a gathering of plants and flowers. You could embed the stones in mulch to make your flagstone pathway even more unique. Some homeowners prefer traditional red-brick flooring in their garden. Rectangular red bricks can contribute to the symmetry of a carefully planned garden.

More Tips for Choosing Outdoor Flooring

When choosing your outdoor flooring, think of what you have indoors. You may want to select outdoor flooring that is similar to what you have inside of your home. For instance, if you have tile in the kitchen that opens onto your patio, you may want to choose tile for your patio as well. You could opt for a different color or style of tile for your patio to make it stand out from your kitchen tile. Alternatively, you may want to choose outdoor flooring that is completely different from your indoor flooring to create a dramatic effect. For example, maybe you have white plush carpet in the living room that leads out onto your city roof terrace. You may choose mosaic tile for your terrace to give your guests a colorful surprise as they walk out onto your roof. A dramatic difference between your outdoor and indoor flooring can add to the character of your home.

Good luck with your outdoor flooring projects, and thanks for reading! – Alan

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