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Unbelievable Shed Spaces that will Make You Want Your Own


‘Make Your Shed Space Your Own’

Just because a backyard shed is a practical structure doesn’t mean you can’t throw some creativity into the mix. I enjoy seeing the creative design ideas that many people have when it comes to their backyard sheds. Check out the collection of sheds below that are worthy of a double take!

Nine Unbelievable Shed Spaces and Designs that Will Make You Want Your Own

  1. A Shed with Modern Style. There is nothing traditional in the design of this backyard shed. The roof is slanted and there are large windows at the front of the structure as well as a glass door. Just imagine all of the natural light that flows in through those windows throughout the day!
  2. A Shed with Natural Flair. This shed is certainly worth a second look. From the side, it appears to be a typical shed with an appealing exterior, but check out the roof… There are various types of vegetation growing in compartments arranged on its roof. The unique look of this shed changes each day as the plants grow and flourish.
  3. A Backyard Shed with a Unique Design. A five-sided wooden shed provides extra interior space for storage. Alternatively, a gathering of chairs and a coffee table transforms this shed into an outdoor sitting room. A unique shape paired with classic French doors and large windows makes this shed a bona fide attention getter in the backyard.
  4. An Outdoor Sitting Room. These owners transformed their shed into a breezy, outdoor sitting room complete with a casual sofa, chairs and even some comfy pillows. I could go for an afternoon nap just looking at this space! It looks like an ideal place to spend warm summer evenings visiting with family and friends.
  5. A Shed with a Familiar Look. I want you to imagine a shed with a design that matches the design of the main house. It’s literally a mirror image of the owner’s home. All the details on the shed are the same including the color of the exterior walls and the design of the front door as well as the roof’s design. Even the flower boxes are the same!
  6. A Shed Surrounded by Gardens. The owner of this simple white shed with a quaint sloping roof can keep watch over the gardens as well as the little courtyard. Its glass door allows sunlight to enter this quiet shed that looks like the perfect place to escape to after a busy day.
  7. A Shed with a Lighthouse Theme. If you dream of life by the sea, you will love the look of a shed with a design that mimics that of a lighthouse. The exterior walls are decorated with white shingles and there are even light fixtures atop the structure that illuminate the backyard.
  8. A Pleasant Place for a Get Away. Attractive French doors lead out onto the porch of this backyard shed that serves as a studio. The trees surrounding the shed create a quiet atmosphere perfect for creative work.
  9. A Shed with Invisible Walls. An owner who isn’t concerned about privacy, but wants a wonderful view may opt for a shed in a glass design. All the walls along with the ceiling of the shed are made of glass. It’s a greenhouse for humans! Put a shed like this one beside a lake and you could relax and watch the scenery without venturing outdoors.

I hope these unbelievable shed designs spark your imagination! Thanks for reading!-Alan

Alan Bernau Jr

Alan Bernau Jr. is the founder and owner of Alan’s Factory Outlet. He has helped more than 50,000 homeowners design and install custom carports and garages over the last 20 years.

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