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Tips On How To Properly Store Pool Chemicals

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‘A Place to Store Pool Chemicals’

If you’re lucky enough to have a swimming pool in your backyard, you know how much fun it is to have your friends over for a barbeque and a swim on a hot summer afternoon. You also know the amount of work that goes into keeping a pool clean and free of algae. There are several types of chemicals used to maintain the quality of pool water. These are hazardous chemicals that require proper storage in order to avoid chemical reactions and accidents. Check out some basic tips to follow when storing your pool chemicals.

Tips on How to Properly Store Pool Chemicals

Store Your Chemicals in Their Original Containers

You may be tempted to take your chlorine tablets or algaecide out of their original containers and put them into different ones. Perhaps you have a bucket or a plastic container that fits better into your storage space. This is not a good idea. Pool chemicals of all types need to stay in their original containers with the safety instructions printed on them. This way, you know how to handle the chemicals and what to do if something spills. Also, if you put a chemical in a different container, someone may mistake it for another type of solution. This can lead to injury or a bad chemical reaction. Remember that the original containers are designed to store whatever is in them.

Choose a Cool Place with Adequate Ventilation

Your supply of pool chemicals includes chlorine and other solutions with oxidizers in them. These hazardous chemicals can release gases that may become a fire hazard if they are kept in a hot environment with little to no air circulation. In addition, a person who walks into this type of storage environment may become dizzy or nauseous from the fumes. A cool, dry place with plenty of air circulation is your best bet.

Secure the Lids of All of Your Chemicals

It’s important to make sure that the bottles and buckets that house your pool chemicals are securely closed. A container that is partially open can be spilled on the floor or even on someone’s skin. Also, containers that are left open can be accessed by small children who may poison themselves or sustain a serious injury. I recommend that you take a few extra moments to ensure that all of your containers are closed.

Invest in a Set of Measuring Cups for Your Chemicals

Using a single measuring cup for all of your chemicals increases the risk of a chemical reaction. I suggest that you purchase a separate measuring cup for each chemical you use. Put a label on each cup so there is never a mistake about what it’s for.

Don’t Stack Your Chemicals

Stacking your chemical containers on top of one another can inadvertently cause a chemical reaction if there is a leak in one of them. For instance, if you stack a leaking container of algaecide on top of a container of chlorine, a chemical reaction could occur if the algaecide gains access to the chlorine. Try to find an area in your storage structure for each type of pool chemical.

Finally, once you have your pool chemicals stored in the proper way, you can enjoy your pool with friends and family or have a pool party for one instead! Thanks for reading!-Alan

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