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Tips for Transforming Your Carport Into a Party Area

carport turned into a party shelter

Some people think that their carport is just a place to park their car. Nothing could be further from the truth! A carport can be a great place to host a party. Just imagine your friends and family talking and laughing during a birthday party held underneath the roof of your carport. Or maybe your wife wants a unique place to celebrate a coworker’s baby shower with all of her friends. A carport is ideal because guests can enjoy the warm breezes while staying out of the sun. I thought I would share some simple ideas for transforming your carport into party central. Party on!

Setting Up the Seating

Often, guests like to mill around and talk with one another during a party. But you should provide some seating if they want to sit down for a while to enjoy a piece of cake. One idea is to set up a few folding tables and cover them with tablecloths. White tablecloths are a traditional choice, or you could liven up the décor with a collection of pastel colors. Remember to set up a long folding table that will hold all of your refreshments. Bring out some folding chairs and set a few of them around each table. Whether it’s a baby shower, a birthday party, or just a celebration of summer, flowers are the perfect centerpiece for your tables. Yellow daisies, blue hydrangeas, and tulips of any color are all appealing choices. If your party falls on a windy day, be sure to secure your tablecloths with tape so they won’t take flight during your party!

Decorate Those Legs

One of the easiest ways to prepare a carport for your party guests is to decorate the legs that support it. One suggestion is to wrap colorful streamers around them. Be sure to leave a loose tail at one end of each steamer so they will blow in the breeze. Or tie some balloons to the legs and let them bounce around to signal the presence of a party. If you’re having a baby shower, try making paper rosette balls in pink or blue and hanging them from the legs of the carport with silky ribbon. This is a perfect decoration if you already have a supply of tissue paper streamers.

No Bare Walls Allowed

If you have a carport that is partially enclosed by a single wall, then you have another place to put decorations. If you’re throwing a bridal shower, put up a collage of pictures featuring the engaged couple. Or if it’s a birthday party, put up a large piece of poster board where friends and family can write down their birthday wishes for the guest of honor. Photographs, artwork, and greeting cards are all fun items to display on this wall.

Finally, play some entertaining music in the background of your party. A portable CD player or even an iPod are both great ideas for supplying some tunes at a small, outdoor party. And remember, the best thing about a party in a carport is that a spilled glass of punch or a dumped plate of coleslaw is no big deal! Thanks for reading. – Alan

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