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Tips for Storing Water For an Emergency


“Storing Water in Case of Emergency”

If a natural disaster or other extreme emergency occurs, do you have access to potable water? Sometimes when a town experiences a tornado or a flood, the tap water becomes unsafe to drink for a long period of time. Or, if a frozen pipe bursts beneath your street, your drinking water may become contaminated and unsafe to consume. That’s why it’s important to put aside a supply of drinking water for your family. Store enough water so that each family member can drink and use one gallon of water per day. It’s best to create a supply that will last at least three days. Consider a few simple tips for storing drinking water to use in case of an emergency.

Tips for Storing Water for an Emergency

Reuse Plastic Bottles

You don’t have to buy a bunch of plastic bottles to fill with water and put into storage. You can reuse 2 liter plastic bottles originally filled with soda or juice. Be sure to clean the empty bottles thoroughly with dish soap and hot water to get all traces of soda/juice out of them. Don’t forget to wash the cap as well. As a final step, rinse all of the soap out of the bottle and fill it with tap water. Secure the lid and add it to your collection of stored water. Avoid using cardboard juice cartons because they tend to absorb sugar from the juice which can result in bacteria growth. Also, using glass bottles is risky because they can break if they are dropped.

Rotate the Bottles in Your Water Supply

It’s best to put a date on each of your water bottles. That way, you can refill them every six months to make sure they are free from bacteria. If you don’t want to spend time dating each bottle, fill a group of bottles on the same day and put the date on their carton or box.

Store Water Bottles in a Cool Place

Find a cool, dry place for your stored water. If you store your bottled water in a sunny area of a room, the heat can cause chemical changes to occur in the plastic. You may want to put them on the floor of your pantry or even in a corner of your basement.

Get a Water Dispenser

Getting a water dispenser for your household serves a couple of purposes. For one, you and your family get to enjoy clean, filtered water each day. Also, having a five gallon water dispenser is a convenient way to add to your supply of stored water! Inexpensive water dispensers are available in big box stores as well as in many department stores.

Buy Bottled Water That’s On Sale

If your local grocery store happens to have a great sale on bottles of water, you may want to buy a carton of bottles to stock up. This is another way to ensure that your water is clean and can endure several months in storage.

I hope these tips help you to put aside a supply of water for emergencies. Hopefully, you’ll never have to use them, but having them there may give you some peace of mind. Thanks for reading!-Alan

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