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Tips for Clearing Ice and Snow on Your Carport

clearing ice and snow off metal carport

For many people, one of the most enjoyable parts of winter is looking out the window to see the first snowflakes start to fall. It’s fun to watch the snow begin to pile up on the branches of a tree. However, it’s not so fun to watch snow and ice begin to pile up on the roof of your carport. If you have a carport with a vertical-style roof, you know that this design allows the snow to slide off the side before it starts to accumulate. Alternatively, if you have a carport with a different-style roof, it’s best to clear the snow and ice off before it gets a strong foothold. Consider some suggestions for how you can clear the snow and ice off of the roof of your carport.

Get Your Push Broom Out of Storage

A push broom is a useful tool for clearing a light snowfall off of the roof of a carport. Since you’re going to need to climb up on a ladder to reach the top of the carport, it’s important to enlist the help of a friend or family member before starting this task. Be sure to wear shoes that offer a lot of traction and put the ladder in an area that is free of ice. Ask your friend to hold the ladder as you climb up with a push broom to clear the snow. Simply use the broom to push the snow off of the side of the carport roof. After you’re finished clearing the roof, you can shovel the snow off of the ground below. A long push broom can help you to reach the snow near the middle of the carport roof. Pull the snow toward you and let it fall off the edge of the roof. You may not get the roof perfectly clean, but you can clear off a lot of loose snow and ice.

The Versatility of Your Snow Shovel

A snow shovel is great for breaking up patches of ice that form on a carport roof. Use one corner of the shovel to knock against the ice to break it up. Next, use the shovel to push the broken pieces of ice onto the ground. You can flip the snow shovel over and push loose snow off of one edge of the roof. Or you can gather the snow onto the shovel and then throw it off the carport roof. Once again, I will stress the importance of having a friend to hold the ladder as you do this. If you feel unsteady on the ladder at any point during this task, it may be better to climb down and hire a professional to remove the snow and ice for you.

The Importance of Clearing Away the Snow and Ice

Removing the snow and ice helps to keep a carport roof in good condition. An accumulation of snow and ice can begin to weigh down a carport and puts extra stress on its posts. Plus, as ice melts and refreezes, it expands and contracts, possibly causing damage to the roof. That’s why it’s best to remove snow and ice as soon as possible before it gets a chance to build up. Take care, and thanks for reading! – Alan

About the Author

Alan Bernau Jr. has helped more than 50,000 homeowners design and install custom carports and garages. If you need a custom carport, and you live in the eastern half of the United States, Alan’s Factory Outlet is here to help.

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