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The Ultimate Holiday Home Prep Checklist

Are you playing host to any holiday parties this year? Maybe you have some relatives or friends coming to stay in your home for a while. If so, I have some reminders for you: Make sure you’ve covered everything on this list of things to do to get your home ready for friends and family.

  1. Clean Out the Fridge: Remove all of those expired items and old veggies hidden at the back of the drawers. This is your chance to organize and make space in the refrigerator for food to serve to your guests.
  2. Vacuum the Air Vents: Use the crevice tool on your vacuum cleaner to get rid of the dust and cobwebs hanging from your home’s air vents.
  3. Sharpen Your Kitchen Knives: Invest in an inexpensive knife sharpener so your knives are ready to use during holiday meals.
  4. Wash the Bedding in the Guest Bedroom: Washing the mattress cover, sheets, pillowcases, and blankets on your guest bed will get it ready for overnight guests.
  5. Buy Extra Toiletries: Stock up on toothpaste, soap, and shampoo. I suggest buying some extra toothbrushes, too. You never know when someone will forget to throw one in their suitcase.
  6. Get Out Your Holiday Towels: It’s time to display those hand towels decorated to celebrate the holidays!
  7. Declutter the Coat Closet: With all of your guests showing up, it’s best to have extra space in your coat closet for those incoming coats, scarves, and hats.
  8. Purchase More Utensils and Cups: It seems like there are never enough spoons and cups to accommodate a houseful of guests. Add to your supply before your guests land at your house for the holidays.
  9. Test the Generator: You may not need your generator, but if you do, it’s best to know ahead of time if it’s ready to go.
  10. Replace Burned-Out Bulbs: Take some time to replace any burned-out bulbs in your home, including the front porch, garage, and basement.
  11. Wash the Extra Blankets: You never know when someone will need an extra blanket on a chilly evening.
  12. Clean the Carpets: This is the perfect time to have the carpeting in your living room, guest room, and hallways thoroughly shampooed.
  13. Clean Out the Microwave: Don’t let your guests open your microwave only to be met with melted pizza cheese and splattered popcorn butter. Make your microwave’s interior sparkle!
  14. Secure Hallway Rugs to the Floor: If you have a hallway rug with a tendency to slip under people’s feet, now’s the time to secure it in place with duct tape or another adhesive. Keep your guests safe!
  15. Make Extra Space in the Garage: Do a bit of decluttering in your garage to give relatives staying over a place to shelter their car.
  16. Write Down Meal Ideas: Give yourself a bit of a head start on figuring out what to serve to guests over the holidays.
  17. Wash Slipcovers on Furniture: If you have slipcovers on your sofa, chairs, and ottoman, take the time now to wash them so they’re fresh for guests.
  18. Buy Extra Over-the-Counter Medicines: Have some extra aspirin, cough medicine, and other OTC remedies on hand for those guests fighting the winter sniffles.
  19. Childproof Your Home: If you plan to have babies or young kids visiting your home over the holidays, be sure to childproof your place. Put in some outlet covers, store cleaning solutions out of reach, and lock the basement door.
  20. Take the Dog to the Groomer: Why not treat your dog to a shampoo and trim at the groomer as part of your preparations? Make your pup look its best for the holidays!

Oh, and don’t forget number 21 … sit down and relax a while. Thanks for reading. – Alan

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