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The Right Way To Lounge In Your Yard


I have a new addition for your to-do list: Spend some time watching late summer turn into early fall from a comfortable spot in your own yard. Whether you want to kick back in a gently swaying hammock or study the changing leaves from the comfort of an outdoor sofa, this is the perfect time of year to enjoy some time outside. There are plenty of options for homeowners who want to set up a mini-getaway in their yard. I thought I’d use this week’s post to throw a few appealing ideas your way. Enjoy!

A Hammock

When you think of a hammock, you may picture the one that Gilligan slept on in the popular 1960s television show Gilligan’s Island. But we’ve come a long way since then. There are many types available for sale, or you can make a hammock that suits your preferences. Some hammocks are made of soft muslin fabric that supports your body like a sling. Other hammocks are made of woven fabric, polyester, or canvas. If you’re a homeowner with lots of sturdy trees in your yard, a hammock is a great option for you. You can also enjoy a hammock if there are no trees in your yard: There are freestanding hammocks available that can be set up on a patio or even out on the lawn. These hammocks are easy to move so you can enjoy a different point of view every time you relax outside.

An Outdoor Sofa or Loveseat

I’ve noticed that a lot of outdoor sofas look exactly like indoor sofas, except they’re designed to endure the rain and sunlight. Outdoor sofas are great for both small and large patios because they are available in many sizes. A homeowner with an intimate patio may choose a loveseat that fits perfectly with the space. Alternatively, a homeowner with a large yard may want to invest in a gazebo and place an outdoor sofa there. Decorative pillows, colorful fabrics, and throw blankets are all appealing touches for any durable outdoor sofa.

Pallet Seating

Sometimes, making a piece of furniture adds to your enjoyment of it. If you love DIY projects, you may want to make some pallet seating for your yard. The best part is that you’re making a comfortable place to sit while giving new life to discarded wooden pallets! I love when I can save an item from the landfill. Cover a pallet sofa with brightly colored cushions and place it on a large porch. Or build a lounge chair out of pallets to relax in while you admire your small garden.

A Porch Swing

Today, you can have a porch swing even without a porch. There are porch swings available that can be attached to a stand set and put in the middle of a yard. If you are lucky enough to have an attractive fishpond in your yard, I suggest you position your swing at one edge of it. You can watch the fish swim around as you swing to your heart’s content. Whether you attach your swing to a porch or opt for a freestanding model, make sure you choose one with dimensions that suit your yard or patio.

Now get out there and start lounging! Thanks for reading. – Alan

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