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The Most Unusual Sheds You’ve Ever Seen


When you think of a garden shed, you probably picture a simple, sturdy building that houses practical items such as shovels, rakes, clay flower pots, snow blowers, brooms, and wheelbarrows. But there are many people who see a garden shed as more than a storage space. They use their imaginations to come up with shed designs that can make you stop to take a second look. Consider just a few examples of unusual sheds.

All Aboard!

Check out a group of sheds with a train theme. Each of these colorful sheds has a domed roof as well as doors and windows that are reminiscent of a real train. There is even a pipe that looks like a smoke stack on top of the first car. This shed train looks ready to pull out of the station!

Going for a Sail?

The roof on this unique shed is a fishing boat crafted in the early 20th century. The shed is made with recycled materials and plenty of windows that let in natural light. It has a solar panel that supplies it with a low amount of electricity that powers a small refrigerator and a gas cooker. I wonder if the owners ever invite friends over for a pleasant cup of coffee and dessert beneath the fishing-boat roof? One of the best parts about this boat shed is its view of the Wales countryside.

A Log-Cabin Shed

This incredible log-cabin shed is a combination of the traditional and the unusual. It has a traditional A-frame roof paired with walls that display the round ends of dozens of logs. There are wooden shingles on the roof topped off by a ridgepole. A single window lets lots of sunlight into this charming building.

Right Out of a Fairytale

A quirky shed like this one looks like it would be right at home in the pages of Alice in Wonderland. Its shingled roof curves as it reaches to the sky. One side of the roof slopes lower than the other, making the shed look lopsided. The most notable part of the shed is the crooked chimney pipe that reaches up past the apex of the roof.

A Perfect Place for Flowers and Plants

This owner came up with a solar garden shed with an attractive, modern design. This shed serves the practical purpose of housing plants and flowers while adding interest to the property. It’s a shed that allows its owner to enjoy working with plants and flowers throughout the year.

A Green Shed

Consider a shed with its walls covered in ivy. I think this gives the shed a kind of fairy-tale look, don’t you? The large windows and glass-paneled door give its occupants a shower of natural light. The greenery surrounding the building along with the stone walkway make this shed a highlight of the property.

Be on the lookout for unusual sheds in your area and take a moment to admire the imaginative thinking that went into creating them. Thanks for reading! – Alan

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