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The Most Memorable DIY Gazebo Weddings

diy gazebo

‘Ready to Decorate!’

If you’ve ever seen a couple marry in the shade of a gazebo, you know that it is a charming sight to behold. The lovely flowers, lights and draped fabric on the outdoor structure leave guests with a collection of beautiful memories of a couple’s special day. Since I’m a big fan of gazebos, I thought I would use this week’s blog to delve into the topic of DIY gazebo wedding decorations.

Ten of the Most Memorable DIY Gazebo Wedding Ideas

1. Hang Crepe Paper Rose Balls. This is one of the simplest gazebo wedding decorations to be found. The materials are inexpensive and easy to find. Also, you can use any color crepe paper that you want. The balls can be hung on the railings, posts, or from the ceiling area of the gazebo to set an elegant atmosphere. I included a tutorial below on how to make crepe paper rose balls for your gazebo wedding.

2. Vines and Flowers. Decorate your venue by loosely wrapping ivy vines around the railings and frame. Be sure to wind them around the knee braces, as well. You can use artificial ivy vines or purchase some real ones. Attach several small bouquets of flowers and baby’s breath to the vining at each corner of the structure. Roses, daisies or hydrangeas are all appealing floral options.

3. Simple White Lights. A few strings of white Christmas lights are an elegant addition to a gazebo. DIY enthusiasts of all levels can accomplish the task of hanging these lights around the edge of the roof and the knee braces as well as the railings of the structure.

4. Flowers and Streamers. Sometimes the simplest gazebo wedding decorations are the best. Hang streamers from the ceiling and rails of your outdoor structure then, attach bunches of flowers in a matching color to the posts. A pairing of white roses and white streamers is one idea. Streamers waving in the breeze will add to the peaceful tone of the ceremony.

5. Draped in White Tulle. White tulle is a soft fabric that is easy to find at a craft store and is invaluable in the task of decorating a gazebo. DIY fans will love finding ways of draping this fabric in an elegant fashion around the entryway and elsewhere on the structure. A small gathering of flowers added here and there can be the finishing touch for this idea.

6. Lavender Everywhere! If you love the look and fragrance of wild lavender, I suggest tying together big bunches of lavender and securing each bunch with thin purple ribbon. Then, attach bunches to the posts of the structure. Drape tulle in a matching or complementary shade of purple all around the outer part of the top beam on the structure.

7. Chair Sashes. Don’t forget the chairs for the guests. Wrap each chair in colorful tulle fabric to add to the style of the occasion. I included a helpful chair-wrapping tutorial below.

8. Loose Rose Petals. This is a decorating idea for the aisle of a gazebo wedding. Scatter rose petals on the aisle leading up to the gazebo. The aisle may be a simple white carpet, a brick path or even plain grass. Scattered rose petals are a nice touch on any type of aisle.

9. Hang Some Paper Lanterns. This is another one of those gazebo wedding ideas that is an inexpensive option for couples. The best thing about hanging paper lanterns around a gazebo is that they are available in many colors and shapes. Some couples prefer a gathering of white, oval-shaped paper lanterns while others prefer a collection of paper lanterns in greens, oranges, yellows and blues.

10. A Gathering of Glass Prisms. Hanging glass prisms from the ceiling and railings of the outdoor structure is a simple way to dress up the venue. You may want to go with heart-shaped prisms in a variety of sizes. As the guests watch the wedding ceremony, the sun’s rays will cause the prisms to sparkle as they slowly turn with every light breeze.

I hope these ideas give you some creative inspiration. Thanks for reading!-Alan

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