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The Importance of Clearing Snow From Your Shed Roof

getting snow off your metal shed

Around the middle of winter, you may notice that snow is beginning to pile up on the roof of your storage shed. This is especially likely if you’ve had a lot of snowfall and consistently low temperatures throughout the season. Layers of snow can accumulate on your roof in a relatively short amount of time. Take a look at a few reasons why it’s a good idea to remove the snow from the roof of your shed.

Getting Rid of Extra Weight

Just a few inches of snow can add up to a lot of extra pounds on the roof of your storage shed. This puts a lot of strain on a roof that wasn’t meant to support that type of weight. When snow starts to melt and then refreezes overnight, it places even more strain on a shed roof. It’s a good idea to ask a neighbor to help you remove the snow from your shed roof before it has a chance to accumulate. Your neighbor can support the ladder while you climb up and use a broom or shovel to push the snow off the roof. If there is any question as to whether you can do this task safely, I recommend that you think about calling in a professional to clear your shed roof.

Preventing Seepage

As the snow and ice melt off the roof of your shed, it creates a lot of running water. This water can seep into your roof, causing it to rot or even weaken and collapse. Or the water can run down the side of your shed and damage the wood. Clearing the snow and ice off of your roof on a regular basis can keep water from entering the structure through a small hole or crack.

Maintain the Color of Your Shingles

A buildup of snow and ice on the roof of a shed may cause some of its shingles to become discolored. Melting snow and ice can seep into the shingles, causing them to fade or take on a color that is different from the other shingles on the roof. In the springtime, you may have to replace shingles that become extremely discolored over the cold-weather season. This is yet another reason why it’s important to keep your roof clear of snow and ice.

Avoiding Loose Shingles

The water created by melting snow and ice can damage your roof by getting underneath its shingles. This circumstance may cause a shingle to come loose or fall off. A broken or missing shingle allows even more melting snow and ice to enter the structure and further damage the roof of the shed. Plus, a missing shingle may allow destructive animals such as squirrels and raccoons to gain access to the inside of your shed. Squirrels, raccoons, and mice with access to your shed may break open bags of seed, chew up work gloves or rags, and leave behind their droppings on the shed floor. This mess would be an unwelcome surprise in the springtime when you open up your shed for the first time.

Finally, remember to use caution whenever you take on the task of clearing snow and ice off the roof of your storage shed. Thank you for reading! – Alan

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