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The Dangers of a Dead Tree On Your Property

Do you have a tree in your yard that’s not looking so good? Maybe you suspect that it may be dying, but you’re not sure. A dying or dead tree can be a hazard in a yard or on another piece of property. This week, I’m thinking about how to determine if a tree is dying or dead and what to do about it.

How Do I Know if a Tree Is Dying or Dead?

Fortunately, there are many ways to spot a dying tree. One way to make a judgment is to take a pocket knife and scrape a thin layer off of a small twig. If the tree is living, the interior of the twig will be green and moist. Alternatively, if its interior is brown and dry, you may have a dying tree in your yard. Try the same test on a couple other twigs to see if you get the same results. Another sign of a dying tree is cracks or splits in your tree’s bark. Do you have lots of missing or malformed leaves up in the canopy of your tree? If so, that’s a sign that your tree may be dying, too. If you’re still not sure about the condition of your tree, contact an arborist who can tell you for sure. I suggest taking some pictures of your tree with closeups of its trunk. Email them to the arborist so they can make an initial evaluation of its condition.

When Is the Best Time to Cut Down a Tree?

In the spring is the best time to cut down a dying or dead tree. If a tree is going to bloom, it will happen in the spring. If you see no sign of blooms on your tree, then that’s another sign that it is dying or dead.

Methods for Cutting Down a Tree

Often, cutting down a tree is best left to the professionals: They have the right tools and have experience with the process. But if you are going to cut down a tree yourself, you must have the right safety gear, including goggles, heavy-duty gloves, earplugs, and leg protection. You have to own or rent a chainsaw designed to handle the type of tree you plan to cut down. Is it a small tree, or has it been standing there for 30 years? It’s also necessary to evaluate which way you want your tree to fall and give it adequate space, so it won’t cause damage as it comes down. Also, you must cut the tree in a certain way to ensure that it falls how you want it to. And after the tree is down, it must be cut into sections and hauled away.

Why Is it Dangerous to Have a Dead Tree on Your Property?

A dying or dead tree can fall on a house or car, causing costly damage. Also, large branches can fall without warning, putting family members, visitors, and pets at risk. Termites are big fans of dying and dead trees, too, so your tree could be overrun by pests that occupy your yard. And dying or dead tree starts to decay and stands there with bare branches throughout the year, so it can be an unattractive element in your otherwise appealing yard.

If you’re wondering about the condition of a tree in your yard, take a closer look at it and try the twig test. If you do find that you have a dead tree, give some thought to planting a new one so you and your family can watch it grow taller each year. Take care, and thanks for reading. – Alan at Alan’s Factory Outlet

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