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The Biggest New Years Eve Celebrations Across The Country

What are you planning for your New Year’s Eve celebration this year? If you’re in the mood to travel to a fun destination, there are plenty of celebrations going on across our beautiful country. Check out a few ideas to consider as we say goodbye to 2018 and a big hello to 2019.

  • Times Square in New York City. This has been one of the most popular places to spend New Year’s Eve since 1904. In fact, more than a million people ring in the New Year in Times Square. Visitors can eat at one of the many restaurants in the area or check out the variety of shops for keepsakes. Many well-known musicians take the concert stages in Times Square on New Year’s Eve to get the party started. Don’t forget the highlight of the evening: the New Year’s Eve ball dropping at midnight along with lots of confetti.
  • Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. Since 1971, visitors to Disney World have been ringing in the New Year with Mickey Mouse and his friends! I like the idea of welcoming the new year in the happiest place on earth. Travel to Disney World and enjoy a delicious meal at Epcot and live music before taking in their beautiful Magic Kingdom Fantasy in the Sky fireworks display at midnight. This event is very popular with kids and adults and attracts more than a hundred thousand people.
  • Grand Park in Los Angeles, California. Make plans to travel to downtown Los Angeles this year to celebrate New Year’s in Grand Park. Sample new cuisine and beverages from the food trucks parked in the area. Listen to live music while watching as colorful projections appear on the City Hall building in lieu of fireworks. Check out one of the many photo booths so you can have a keepsake of your fun night in Grand Park! This is a no-alcohol event, which means it’s appropriate for the whole family. Thousands of people have gathered at Grand Park on New Year’s Eve since the start of the event in 2012.
  • Music Note Drop in Nashville, Tennessee. Nashville is the place to be any day of the year, but especially on New Year’s Eve. Enjoy live music played by well-known bands, food, and drinks as you prepare to watch the Music Note Drop signaling the arrival of midnight. This celebration wouldn’t be complete without fireworks and confetti. About 100,000 people have enjoyed this event each year since 2008.
  • Jackson Square in New Orleans, Louisiana. What better place to travel for the last/first party of the year than New Orleans? Plus, this bustling city is celebrating its 300th, year so you know it’s going to be a great NYE party! It takes place in the French Quarter in Jackson Square. Enjoy the unique cuisine of New Orleans as well as live music while waiting excitedly for midnight to arrive. At midnight, a fleur-de-lis drops, and fireworks begin to soar out over the Mississippi River in celebration of the new year. You may even want to take a cruise on the Creole Queen to view the fireworks from the water. Thousands of people flock to this fun New Year’s Eve bash held on a mild December night in New Orleans.

Whether you stay at home or venture to one of these interesting places this New Year’s Eve, I hope you have a fun time with family and friends. Thanks for reading. – Alan

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