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The Best Methods For Installing An Above Ground Pool

Here is a gazebo beside a pool.

Having a swimming pool in your backyard adds an extra dose of fun to those balmy summer days. But maybe you don’t want the commitment of an in-ground pool. Why not go with an above-ground pool instead? They’re less expensive to install than in-ground pools and take up less space. Today, I want to share some facts with you on the installation and care of an above-ground pool. Enjoy!

Where Should I Put My Pool?

To save yourself some work, choose a location in your backyard where the ground is the most level. You can put your above-ground pool near trees, but keep in mind that your trees will drop leaves and twigs that will need to be removed from your pool, so while you can put your above-ground pool close to a tree, you might not want to put it too close. Also, take a day to observe how the sunlight moves across your backyard. You’ll want to have your above-ground pool in a location that receives full sun for several hours a day, so the water isn’t always too cold. I suggest you put it in a location that receives full sunlight from about 11 in the morning to about 4 in the afternoon.

Preparing the Ground for a Pool

The first step of preparing the ground for a pool is to put down wooden stakes to mark out the dimensions of your pool. That way, you have an idea of how much space it will need. Next, it’s necessary to remove the sod from the area where your pool will sit. An above-ground pool shouldn’t be put onto grass because it can shift and start to rot beneath the pool. Leveling the site is the next step in the process. Patio blocks can be helpful in making sure that your above-ground pool is level. Check with local building officials to see how much clearance needs to be left around your above-ground pool before starting to build its frame.

What Expenses Come With Owning a Pool?

It’s a good idea to consider the maintenance costs of an above-ground pool before making the decision to put one in. For instance, the water in your pool needs to be filtered to prevent algae growth. This means you’ll see an increase in your power bill of about $30 to $50 a month. Also, you’ll need to buy some pool equipment, including a skimmer, a filter, a pool cover, and a vacuum as well as its hoses. In addition, you’ll need a kit to test the water’s pH and chlorine levels. Chemicals such as chlorine tablets also need to be purchased to maintain clear, safe pool water.

Consider the Time and Effort Necessary to Maintain a Pool

Along with the cost of chemicals and pool-related equipment, you have to consider the time and effort it takes to maintain a pool. Cleaning the pool and adding chemicals takes about 30 minutes each day. Also, it takes a bit of time to properly close and winterize the pool at the end of the summer season.

Once you get your above-ground pool, it’s a wise idea to establish a daily cleaning and maintenance routine to keep it in shipshape for your family and friends to enjoy. Happy swimming, and thanks for reading. – Alan

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