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The Best Gardening Tools on a Budget

Hello everyone! Whether you have just a few flowers growing around your storage shed or a garden full of prize-winning roses, you probably have some gardening tools laying around. I’ve found that which garden tools you purchase depends on what sort of gardening you do; for instance, if you have a garden of simple geraniums, you don’t really need a pair of anvil pruners – simple plants, simple tools – and purchasing garden tools that you don’t need, can be a bit of a money pit. Here are a few examples of common gardening tools that can help you to care for a basic backyard garden.

Compact Garden Tools

A hand trowel is an irreplaceable piece of equipment when it comes to backyard gardening. Hand tools are especially useful when you’re planting a variety of flowers in a small area. It’s light-weight and easy to control, so you can put an equal amount of space between each flower. This garden tool is available with either a wooden or plastic handle for a secure grip.

A weed fork is another item that’s inexpensive and useful for gardening; hand tools like this help you to get rid of weeds that can steal nutrients away from your flowers. This garden tool is ideal for removing weeds that have the ability to grow right up against a flower!

Large Gardening Tools

A garden hoe is an inexpensive garden tool that can break the roots of stubborn weeds that invade your backyard garden. This tool loosens the soil and gets an area ready for a new collection of flowers. In addition, storing a garden hoe is not a problem. You can keep a garden hoe in a storage shed on a hanging rack to save space, or just lean it in a corner.

A garden rake is useful for preparing an area of soil for planting. You can also use it to remove weeds and other debris that are in a flower bed when prepping at the beginning of the season. With the help of this simple tool, you can even out the terrain of your garden so it looks its best. Generally, garden rakes are stored on racks in sheds alongside the rest of your gardening equipment. This prevents the tines of the rake from injuring someone or becoming dull by scraping the floor of the shed.

You may want to get a small wheelbarrow if you plan to move dirt or garden fertilizer. A couple of bags of fertilizer or soil can be very heavy. You may be saving yourself a backache if you load them into a wheelbarrow and push them to your garden. A wheelbarrow serves a double purpose if you have a lot of leaves to rake in your yard. You can load them into the wheelbarrow and stack them around the base of a tree or create a huge pile.

Finally, a hose is a must-have for any size garden. A garden hose with a nozzle that features several settings makes watering a fast and easy task and helps you to disperse water in a balanced way.

I wish you a great time in your gardens this season! –Alan

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