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The 4 Ways to Get A Shady Backyard That Your Neighbors Will Envy

The backyard is the perfect place to spend time with friends and family on warm summer afternoons. Take a moment to picture your own backyard. Maybe you have a lovely garden there or a swimming pool. Perhaps you have a volleyball net set up and ready to go for the next exciting competition. Though it’s wonderful to spend time playing in the sun, every backyard should have an area where family and guests alike can relax in the shade. This week, I thought I’d look at four appealing ways to create a shady backyard area for you and your loved ones to enjoy.

Embellish Your Pergola With Plants

I believe that a pergola covered with plants and vines can dress up any backyard area. A plant-covered pergola provides you with shade and can be the perfect getaway on a humid summer afternoon. There are plenty of colorful plants that are perfectly at home on a pergola. Morning glories are a popular favorite. These delicate blooms like nothing more than to twine around the sides of a sturdy pergola to show off their purple, pink, or white spiral petals. Other plants that are ideal for a pergola include clematis, yellow variegated ivy, and lilac solanum. I think that fragrant plants and flowers make a simple pergola all the more inviting.

Create an Unusual Canopy

For decades, people have been putting up canopies in their backyards to create a shady spot. However, you may want to put a new twist on this traditional option. For instance, you can get a canopy made of lightweight wood fashioned in a woven basket design. This could supply shade for a hammock, a patio table, or even a gathering of lawn chairs. Alternatively, a triangular sail shade is relatively easy to attach to poles or three sturdy trees in the backyard. Sail shades are available in a lot of colorful designs and can provide cool cover for a hammock or a chaise lounge. A retractable fabric canopy is an idea if you want to control the amount of shade in your yard. Retractable canopies are kind of like curtains except they are overhead instead of hanging on a wall.

Invest in a Floating Screen

A semi-transparent floating screen looks attractive while providing you and your guest with shade. I like floating screens because they don’t inhibit my view of the sky. Floating screens made of bamboo blend in with the natural setting of your backyard. They are available in a variety of elaborate or simple designs that complement practically any area.

Install a Lattice

Installing a lattice overhead is a great way to create a shady area while improving the overall appearance of your backyard. A lattice featuring a diamond, square, or even an olive branch design creates an enchanting pattern of sunlight and shade on the grass or patio. Plus, you can further embellish your lattice by planting climbing hydrangea, wisteria, or English ivy nearby. These plants will wind around your lattice, making it look all the more appealing.

Try any of these creative ideas and you’re sure to get a visit from a neighbor or two who wants to take a rest in the shade. Thanks for reading! – Alan

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