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The 15 Most Ridiculous Things Ever Found In Storage Lockers

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Shoulda Had a Storage Shed!

Sometimes people who aren’t fortunate enough to have a storage shed or garage on their property have to resort to putting their things in a rental storage locker. I’ve heard that in some cases these storage units are abandoned by their owners for any number of reasons. After a time, the owner of the unit may choose to auction off the items left behind by the renters. I thought I’d use this week’s blog to show you some of the strange/ridiculous items that have been found in abandoned storage lockers. Enjoy!

The Fifteen Most Ridiculous Things Ever Found in Storage Lockers

  1. A Lamp Made in the Shape of a Flamingo. Picture a skinny, bright pink floor lamp with a matching pink lamp shade perched on the head of the flamingo.
  2. A Large Cardboard Box of Men’s Shoes. The box included sneakers, work boots and loafers. This would never be categorized as a strange find except that all of the shoes were for the left foot!
  3. A Collection of Twelve Stuffed Cats. Not cute stuffed animals from the department store, but deceased cats that had paid a visit to a taxidermist. Yikes!
  4. An Antique Roll Top Desk. This desk was found in a storage unit and auctioned off in a sale. The new owner found a hidden compartment in the desk with a diamond ring inside it. I bet that renter wishes he or she had invested in some garage storage space.
  5. Three Ten Speed Bicycles with No Wheels!
  6. A Shopping Cart from a Grocery Store. Once again, this is not such a strange thing to find in an abandoned storage locker unless it has ten mannequin arms in its basket!
  7. A Refrigerator Loaded with Packages of Rotting Hamburger. Must have forgotten about the refrigerator’s need for electricity!
  8. A Shoe Box Full of Eyeglasses with No Lenses in Them.
  9. A Fur Coat. This coat was dyed black with a white stripe down the middle of its back. I don’t know about you, but I will pass on a skunk inspired winter coat!
  10. A King Size Mattress. This mattress had been cut in half with the help of a chainsaw, so I guess you could call it two singles.
  11. Four Wooden Chairs Arranged Around a Round Kitchen Table. This would’ve been a great find if all the legs of the kitchen table hadn’t been cut off! A storage shed could have been a big help for the prior owner of this kitchen table!
  12. A Saxophone with Several Hundred Dollar Bills Stuffed Up Inside It.
  13. A Painting of a Beautiful Hillside Covered with Flowers. This is not a strange thing to find in a storage locker, but the old-fashioned key taped beneath one loose edge of the print causes one to wonder…
  14. A Doorless Dishwasher Filled with Broken Cups and Plates.
  15. A Locked Box. Fortunately, the key was found on the floor in the abandoned unit. The excited new owner of the box hurriedly opened it up to find a single rubber mouse inside it.

Well, I hope some of these discoveries gave you a couple of good laughs. If these people had owned garage storage space, they might still have their treasures. Thanks for reading!-Alan

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