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Temporary/Movable Buildings vs. Traditional Construction

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Hi everyone! Take a quick look around my website and you’ll see that I’m a genuine fan of movable storage buildings. A movable storage building can really be useful to individuals and families in need of more storage space. Even though I’m a fan of temporary buildings, I recognize that buildings of traditional construction have their good qualities as well. So, I thought I’d spend this week’s blog sharing some information on both movable storage buildings and buildings constructed in the traditional way.

Some Facts about Temporary Buildings

One of the most notable features of a movable storage building is that you can transport it to another location. For example, say you purchase a portable shed in the summertime and the next spring you decide to move across town to a larger home. If you had a shed made the traditional way, you would have to leave it on the property for the next owner to enjoy. But, with a portable shed, you can transport it to your new residence. A portable shed has foundation skids that allow this process to take place.

After ordering a temporary building, it arrives in a relatively short amount of time. A movable storage building shows up fully-assembled and is simply put down on the property in a location chosen by the owner. The time element can prove to be a significant advantage in many instances. For example, say you own a couple of horses and you want to purchase a couple more in the near future. You don’t have the time to build a bigger barn in the traditional way. Instead, you opt for a portable barn that will serve as reliable shelter for all of your horses. There’s no need for your horses to wait for very long to enjoy their new home!

When you arrange to have a storage structure built by traditional construction, you have to pay a contractor to make sure the job is done to specifications. This can be a costly endeavor. Plus, you’ll likely have construction equipment and tools in your yard for weeks on end. By purchasing a movable storage building, there are no contractors involved and no construction equipment. The fully-assembled storage building arrives at a time that is convenient for the new owner.

Some Facts About Buildings of Traditional Construction

A common reason why some people choose to construct a storage building in the traditional way is appearance. The look of a small, brick storage building appeals to some homeowners. Also, they may want this type of storage building because it matches the look of their brick home.

A second reason why some individuals opt for a storage building of traditional construction is because they never plan to move from their current home. They feel that putting up a shed or garage in the traditional way is worth it because they believe the home will remain in their family for generations. Consequently, they don’t mind enduring the long traditional construction process.

I hope I’ve shed some light (pun intended) on the topic of temporary vs. traditional building construction. Feel free to email me your questions about movable storage buildings and thanks again for reading! Alan

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