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Take the Headache Out of Storage with These 7 Tips

Whether you store items in a garage, shed, or barn, there are certain things you can do to keep your space organized. I believe that packing and storing items in an organized fashion helps to accomplish two things. First, you’re able to find an item fairly quickly when you need it instead of spending an hour digging through a mountain of boxes. Secondly, if you ever decide to move, many of your items will already be packed and ready to go onto the truck! Consider some simple tips that can help to take the headache out of the storage process.

Seven Steps for Making Storage Easy

  1. Arrange Items in a Logical Way. If you take a few extra moments to create an arrangement for your storage area, you can avoid going on a treasure hunt every time you want something from the garage. Put the items you use most frequently in an easily accessible location. For instance, if you have several boxes piled in one corner of the garage, I would put the Christmas decorations against the wall, at the back of the pile. After all, these are only used once a year. Alternatively, I would put my toolbox near the front of the pile so I could get at it easily if I have to do some quick repair work.
  2. Remember Your Back When You Pack Items in Boxes. At one time or another, you may have tried to lift a large box off the floor only to find that it contains what feels like a collection of cement blocks. If this happens too often, your back could pay the price. That’s why I recommend that you put heavy items in small boxes. Some examples of items you may want to put in small boxes are books, pieces of artwork, or a kitchen appliance such as a mixer.
  3. Make Use of Sturdy Wire Racks. Storing items on a wire rack is an ideal way to create an organized storage area. This storage method works even better if you keep items in clear plastic bins so you can see exactly what you have.
  4. Hang Up Your Clothes! By hanging up your stored clothing on an inexpensive clothing rack, you can avoid opening up a cardboard box full of wrinkled, stiff garments. Hang up groups of clothing items and put them in a garment bag. Or you can pull a garbage bag over them like they’re fresh from the dry cleaners.
  5. Label Now and You’ll Thank Me Later. It may seem like a waste of time to label each box in your storage area, but it can really pay off. When you go out to the garage in the dead of winter to look for a box of Christmas ornaments or the extra space heater, you’ll be grateful for the short amount of time it takes to find them!
  6. Take Good Care of Your Books. I suggest that if you have a collection of books you want to store in your garage or shed that you organize them by size. This method of storing books helps you to make the best use of the space inside a box. Be sure to use small boxes for heavy books and pack them with filler so they can’t slide back and forth when the box is picked up. The bottom shelf of your wire rack is a great place to store a box of books: They’ll be off the ground and away from any moisture on the floor.
  7. Keep Your Plates in One Piece. The best way to pack plates in a box is to put them in vertically instead of stacking them in a pile. Whether you’re moving or just putting the plates into storage, they must be packed with crumpled paper or another type of filler so they don’t shift around when the box is moved. You can help yourself out by writing the word “F ragile” on the container.

Thanks for reading! – Alan

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