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Storing Christmas Lights To Prevent Tangles

storing christmas supplies in steel garage

‘Storing Items in Your Metal Building for the Season’

Putting up Christmas decorations is a longtime tradition of many families. You may love to put an evergreen wreath on your front door each December or perhaps you place a single candle in every window of your home. A Christmas tree, ornaments and lights are all familiar sights through the windows of many homes this time of year. If you put lights on your Christmas tree or even on the outside of your home, it’s likely that you’ve dealt with tangled strings of lights. The strings may have become tangled while in storage or maybe they were tangled before they went into the storage box. Either way, untangling strings of Christmas lights is time-consuming, aggravating work. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to keep your strings of Christmas lights from tangling. Here are some ideas:

Storing Christmas Lights to Prevent Tangles

Cardboard Storage Solutions

One simple idea for storing your Christmas lights begins with a piece of cardboard about 20 inches long and 12 inches wide. Use a knife to make two or three slits in both the top and bottom edges of the cardboard. Leave about three inches of space between the slits. Next, take one end of a string of lights and push it into one of the slits on the bottom edge. Pull the string upward and put it through the opposite slit at the top of the cardboard. The goal is to wrap the entire length of light string around the cardboard. The slits serve to keep the light strings from coming loose and tangling. Using scotch tape, secure each end of the light string to the cardboard. After the strings are secured, put the cardboard in a big shopping bag or a clear plastic container with a label.

Bagging Up Your Lights

The next option is to store each of your light strings in a large, clear plastic bag with a zipper at the top. Carefully coil up one string of lights, slide the coil into a bag and close the zipper. Storing your strings of Christmas lights this way guarantees that they won’t get tangled up. Plus, you can clean and reuse the plastic bags each year. I recommend you label each one so the empty bags won’t be thrown away or used for some other purpose.

Securing Your Light Strings

Another way to keep your light strings separated is to secure each one with a zip tie. Plastic zip ties are available in hardware stores and even in your local grocery store. First, coil up one string of lights and secure it in three places with plastic zip ties. This method keeps your light strings from getting twisted together when you place them inside a plastic container with a lid. When it comes time to decorate again, all you need to do is cut the zip ties off each string of lights.

I hope these suggestions prove helpful when it comes time to take down the Christmas lights this year. Remember, taking a few extra minutes to store your strings of Christmas lights can help you to avoid a lot of frustration when it’s time to decorate next year! Thanks for reading.-Alan

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