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Step Up Your Summer Style With A Stock Tank Pool


Jumping into the pool is one of the best ways to cool off on a hot summer day. When you hear the word “pool,” what do you think of? Maybe you picture an in-ground pool with a fancy tile border. Or perhaps you picture an above-ground pool with a deck. But now, you have another option: a stock tank pool.

What Is a Stock Tank Pool?

The traditional purpose of a stock tank is to provide water to livestock on a farm. Stock tanks are made in many different sizes, with capacities ranging from 40 gallons to several hundred gallons. Most stock tanks are round and made of galvanized steel.

Why Are They So Popular as Pools?

Many people opt for a stock tank pool over a traditional swimming pool because they want something unique. Plus, these tanks are durable and relatively easy to maintain, and they’re highly unlikely to spring a leak like an inflatable pool can. Some people prefer their stock tank pool above the ground, while others place their stock tank in the ground. A stock tank pool is an enjoyable place to cool off without taking up a lot of space on a piece of property.

Requirements for a Stock Tank Pool

A solid foundation is the first requirement for a stock tank pool. You can use compacted sand or crushed gravel to even out the ground for your new pool. If you want to put your stock tank pool in-ground, you must measure the hole and create an even base. Be sure to leave adequate space in the hole for the necessary hoses and pumps that go along with this type of pool. A small pump, a filter, and tubing are other requirements. The water in your stock tank pool must circulate to keep the water clean and discourage mosquitoes from laying eggs. You can either run the tubing over the side of the tank or take careful measurements and drill holes that will accommodate the hoses.

Creative Ideas for a Stock Tank Pool

Choosing a location for your stock tank pool is an important step in the process. It’s a good idea to choose a place that receives some shade so the water will not be too hot to swim in. I suggest putting it near a mature tree that will give your stock tank pool a few hours of shade during the day. You can get really creative when designing the setting for your stock tank pool. For instance, you can plant colorful flowers around the base of the tank or place large potted plants around its circular border. Or, you may want to design a deck that climbs up one side of the tank, so people can sit down and dangle their feet in the water. Create a line of decorative stepping stones leading up to your stock tank pool, or place decorative stones around the base of the pool as a finishing touch.

Putting your imagination to work and creating a picturesque setting for your stock tank pool makes it all the more inviting. Thanks for reading. – Alan

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