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Stay Warm This Winter With A DIY Woodstove


Has your home’s furnace been working overtime this winter? If it has, you may want to consider making a woodstove to put into your home. A woodstove is also a great option if you want to heat your garage or garden shed. This alternative source of heat can help you to save money on your energy bills this winter. Also, constructing a woodstove may turn out to be your most satisfying DIY project this winter. Consider the details on a few different types of woodstoves. Enjoy!

A Gas Cylinder Stove

This type of woodstove is just what it sounds like. The body of the stove is made out of an old metal cylinder or bottle used to hold gas. These stoves can provide you with hours of heat as long as you keep a well-stocked woodpile. One of the pros of making a gas cylinder woodstove is you may be able to find a discarded cylinder in a junkyard or get one for free from a recycling center. One downside to this project is that it may take some time to find a gas cylinder that is completely empty and in good condition. This project requires you to use several types of tools, including a power tool called an angle grinder. An angle grinder is used to cut off pieces of metal to create the stove’s design. If you’re comfortable with using this type of cutting tool, then the gas cylinder stove could be the best option for you.

A Water Tank Wood-Burning Stove

A water tank wood-burning stove can supply a lot of heat to a home. It is made out of the body of an old water tank. The walls of a water tank are thick, which means you are building a woodstove out of durable material. Plus, the thick walls of the water tank will contribute to the efficiency of your woodstove. One of the biggest advantages of making this type of woodstove is that you’re giving new life to an old water tank, so it won’t end up in a landfill. I believe that one less item in a landfill is a good thing, don’t you? One of the disadvantages of making a woodstove out of a water tank is that most water tanks are heavy. You will likely need some help hauling it to your workshop or garage. Also, some water tanks have a damaged interior, so it may take some time to find one that is in good condition.

A Minion Log-Burner

A Minion log-burner is a version of the gas cylinder wood stove with a little creativity thrown into the mix. It is a woodstove made in the shape of the popular animated characters. I think those characters are hilarious! Once again, you need to have experience using cutting tools on metal before undertaking this project. But this woodstove can be a conversation piece and is small enough to fit in a garage or your shed. Just imagine all of the tasks you could accomplish in your warm shed this winter!

So if you’re looking for an interesting DIY project this winter, try making your own woodstove. You’ll be rewarded with lower heating bills and compliments on your imaginative work. Thanks for reading! – Alan

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